Laptop Stand For Lenovo 300e Windows 2nd Gen-81M9

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


Lenovo 300e Windows 2nd Gen-81M9_ 81M9000JMX 81M9000KMX 81M9000LMX 81M9000MMX 81M9000NMX 81M9000PMX 81M9000WMX 81M9000XMX 81M9000YMX 81M90013SA 81M9001PKG 81M9001PRU 81M90020MX 81M90023MX 81M90040AX 81M90041AX 81M90044MX 81M90046MX 81M90055AD 81M90055AK 81M90055AX 81M90055SA 81M9006DMX 81M9006EKG 81M9006EMX 81M9006ERU 81M9006FMX 81M9006GMX 81M9006JKG 81M9006JRU 81M9006VKG 81M9006VRU 81M90071MX 81M90078MX 81M90079MX 81M9007FMX 81M9008TAD 81M9008TAK 81M9008TAT 81M9008TAX 81M9008TBM 81M9008TCK 81M9008TFR 81M9008TGE 81M9008TGM 81M9008THV 81M9008TIU 81M9008TIV 81M9008TIX 81M9008TKG 81M9008TMB 81M9008TMH 81M9008TMX 81M9008TMZ 81M9008TPB 81M9008TPE 81M9008TPG 81M9008TRM 81M9008TRU 81M9008TSA 81M9008TSC 81M9008TSP 81M9008TUE 81M9008TUK 81M9008TYA 81M9008UAD 81M9008UAK 81M9008UAT 81M9008UAX 81M9008UBM 81M9008UCK 81M9008UFR 81M9008UGE 81M9008UGM 81M9008UHV 81M9008UIU 81M9008UIV 81M9008UIX 81M9008UKG 81M9008UMB 81M9008UMH 81M9008UMX 81M9008UMZ 81M9008UPB 81M9008UPE 81M9008UPG 81M9008URM 81M9008URU 81M9008USA 81M9008USC 81M9008USP 81M9008UUE 81M9008UUK 81M9008UYA 81M9008VAD 81M9008VAK 81M9008VAT 81M9008VAX 81M9008VBM 81M9008VCK 81M9008VFR 81M9008VGE 81M9008VGM 81M9008VHV 81M9008VIU 81M9008VIV 81M9008VIX 81M9008VKG 81M9008VMB 81M9008VMH 81M9008VMX 81M9008VMZ 81M9008VPB 81M9008VPE 81M9008VPG 81M9008VRM 81M9008VRU 81M9008VSA 81M9008VSC 81M9008VSP 81M9008VUE 81M9008VUK 81M9008VYA 81M9009EIN 81M9009FIN 81M9009YAR 81M900A2IH 81M900ASAD 81M900ASAK 81M900ASAT 81M900ASAX 81M900ASBM 81M900ASCK 81M900ASFR 81M900ASGE 81M900ASGM 81M900ASHV 81M900ASIU 81M900ASIV 81M900ASIX 81M900ASKG 81M900ASMB 81M900ASMH 81M900ASMX 81M900ASMZ 81M900ASPB 81M900ASPE 81M900ASPG 81M900ASRM 81M900ASRU 81M900ASSA 81M900ASSC 81M900ASSP 81M900ASUE 81M900ASUK 81M900ASYA 81M900B4IV 81M900BJIH 81M900BKIH 81M900BRMX 81M900C1IH 81M900C2IH 81M900C7US 81M900C8CF 81M900C9CF 81M900CAUS 81M900CBKR 81M900CCKR 81M900CDKR 81M900CEIH 81M900CGVN 81M900CHVN 81M900CJKR 81M900CKBR 81M900CLBR 81M900CMAD 81M900CMAK 81M900CMAT 81M900CMAX 81M900CMBM 81M900CMCK 81M900CMFR 81M900CMGE 81M900CMGM 81M900CMHV 81M900CMIU 81M900CMIV 81M900CMIX 81M900CMMB 81M900CMMH 81M900CMMX 81M900CMMZ 81M900CMPB 81M900CMPG 81M900CMRM 81M900CMSC 81M900CMSP 81M900CMUK 81M900CNKR 81M900CPUS 81M900CQPH 81M900CRPH 81M900CSPH 81M900CTPH 81M900CUPH 81M900CVPH 81M900CWPH 81M900CXPH 81M900CYPH 81M900D0PH 81M900D1VN