Laptop Stand For Lenovo 500e Chromebook 2nd Gen-81MC

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


Lenovo 500e Chromebook 2nd Gen-81MC_ 81MC0008MX 81MC0009MX 81MC000RMX 81MC001FMX 81MC001GMX 81MC001YMX 81MC0043MX 81MC004SMA 81MC004TCF 81MC004UUS 81MC004VCF 81MC004WUS 81MC004XKR 81MC004YKR 81MC0050MA 81MC0051TA 81MC0052PA 81MC0053IA 81MC0054PA 81MC0055AD 81MC0055AK 81MC0055AT 81MC0055BM 81MC0055CR 81MC0055EL 81MC0055FR 81MC0055GE 81MC0055IS 81MC0055IX 81MC0055MB 81MC0055MH 81MC0055MX 81MC0055PB 81MC0055PG 81MC0055RI 81MC0055SE 81MC0055SN 81MC0055SP 81MC0055UK 81MC0055VW 81MC0055WS 81MC0055YY 81MC0056AD 81MC0056AK 81MC0056AT 81MC0056BM 81MC0056CR 81MC0056EL 81MC0056FR 81MC0056GE 81MC0056IS 81MC0056IX 81MC0056MB 81MC0056MH 81MC0056MX 81MC0056PB 81MC0056PG 81MC0056RI 81MC0056SE 81MC0056SN 81MC0056SP 81MC0056UK 81MC0056VW 81MC0056WS 81MC0056YY 81MC0057CF 81MC0058CF 81MC0059US 81MC005AUS 81MC005BAU 81MC005CAU 81MC005DMA 81MC005EMA 81MC005FPA 81MC005GSB 81MC005HMA