Laptop Stand For Lenovo 500w Gen 3 (Intel)-82J3

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


Lenovo 500w Gen 3 (Intel)-82J3_ 82J30000US 82J30001US 82J30002US 82J30003AK 82J30003AT 82J30003AX 82J30003BM 82J30003CK 82J30003FR 82J30003GE 82J30003GM 82J30003HV 82J30003IU 82J30003IV 82J30003IX 82J30003KG 82J30003MB 82J30003MH 82J30003MZ 82J30003NS 82J30003PB 82J30003PG 82J30003RI 82J30003RK 82J30003SC 82J30003SP 82J30003UK 82J30004AT 82J30004AX 82J30004BM 82J30004CK 82J30004FR 82J30004GE 82J30004GM 82J30004HV 82J30004IU 82J30004IV 82J30004IX 82J30004KG 82J30004MB 82J30004MH 82J30004MZ 82J30004NS 82J30004PB 82J30004PG 82J30004RI 82J30004RK 82J30004SC 82J30004SP 82J30004UK 82J30005AT 82J30005AX 82J30005BM 82J30005CK 82J30005FR 82J30005GE 82J30005GM 82J30005HV 82J30005IU 82J30005IV 82J30005IX 82J30005KG 82J30005MB 82J30005MH 82J30005MZ 82J30005NS 82J30005PB 82J30005PG 82J30005RI 82J30005RK 82J30005SC 82J30005SP 82J30005UK 82J30006AT 82J30006AX 82J30006BM 82J30006CK 82J30006FR 82J30006GE 82J30006GM 82J30006HV 82J30006IU 82J30006IV 82J30006IX 82J30006KG 82J30006MB 82J30006MH 82J30006MZ 82J30006NS 82J30006PB 82J30006PG 82J30006RI 82J30006RK 82J30006SC 82J30006SP 82J30006UK 82J30007CF 82J30008CF 82J30009CF 82J3000ACF