Laptop Stand For Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15ALC05-82LN

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


IdeaPad 5 15ALC05-82LN_ 82LN0000CF 82LN0001US 82LN0002US 82LN0003CF 82LN0005US 82LN0007US 82LN0008US 82LN000GUS 82LN000KPH 82LN000LPH 82LN000MPH 82LN000NPH 82LN000QSB 82LN000SBM 82LN000TBM 82LN000UBM 82LN000VBM 82LN000WBM 82LN000XBM 82LN0010BM 82LN0011BM 82LN0012BM 82LN0013BM 82LN0014US 82LN0015SC 82LN0016SC 82LN0017SC 82LN0018SC 82LN0019SC 82LN001AMX 82LN001DMX 82LN001FGE 82LN001GYA 82LN001HYA 82LN001JYA 82LN001KYA 82LN001LYA 82LN001MYA 82LN001NYA 82LN001PYA 82LN001QYA 82LN001RYA 82LN001SYA 82LN001TMX 82LN001VMH 82LN001WMH 82LN001XSC 82LN0023HV 82LN0024HV 82LN0025HV 82LN0026HV 82LN0027HV 82LN0028HV 82LN002BHH 82LN002CHH 82LN002DHH 82LN002EHH 82LN002FHH 82LN002GHH 82LN002HGE 82LN002JGM 82LN002KGM 82LN002LGM 82LN002MGM 82LN002NGM 82LN002RCC 82LN002SRA 82LN002TSB 82LN002USB 82LN002VRM 82LN002WRM 82LN002XRM 82LN002YRM 82LN0030RM 82LN0031RM 82LN0032RK 82LN0033RK 82LN0034GE 82LN0035GE 82LN0036PG 82LN0037SP 82LN0038SP 82LN0039SP 82LN003AGE 82LN003BGE 82LN003CGE 82LN003DGE 82LN003EGE 82LN003FPG 82LN003GHH 82LN003HHH 82LN003JHH 82LN003KHH 82LN003LHH 82LN003MHH 82LN003NRK 82LN003PRK 82LN003QRK 82LN003RRK 82LN003SFR 82LN003TFR 82LN003UFR 82LN003VFR 82LN003WFR 82LN003XFR 82LN003YFR 82LN0041FR 82LN0043CY 82LN0044TA 82LN0045TA 82LN0046FR 82LN0047GE 82LN0048GE 82LN0049GE 82LN004AGE 82LN004BMH 82LN004FGE 82LN004GGE 82LN004HGE 82LN004JMZ 82LN004KFR 82LN004LGE 82LN004MCL 82LN004NUS 82LN004PMH 82LN004QMH 82LN004RJP 82LN004SJP 82LN004TJP 82LN004UJP 82LN004VJP 82LN004WJP 82LN004XJP 82LN004YJP 82LN0050JP 82LN0051JP 82LN0052JP 82LN0053JP 82LN0054JP 82LN0055JP 82LN0056JP 82LN0057JP 82LN0058GJ 82LN0059GJ 82LN005ACL 82LN005BMH 82LN005DMH 82LN005ECK 82LN005FCK 82LN005GCK 82LN005KCK 82LN005UCK 82LN005VMZ 82LN005WMZ 82LN005XMH 82LN0060FR 82LN0061IV 82LN0062IV 82LN0063KR 82LN0064KR 82LN0065KR 82LN0066KR 82LN0068KR 82LN0069CK 82LN006ACK 82LN006BCK 82LN006CUS 82LN006DMX 82LN006EMX 82LN006FSC 82LN006GRA 82LN006HUK 82LN006JUK 82LN006KUK 82LN006LAX 82LN006MRA 82LN006NHH 82LN006PTA 82LN006QTA 82LN006RKR 82LN006SKR 82LN006TTW 82LN006UTW 82LN006VSB 82LN006WSB 82LN006XSB 82LN006YKR 82LN0070TA 82LN0071KR 82LN0072TW 82LN0073TW 82LN0075RU 82LN0077RU 82LN0079RU 82LN007ARU 82LN007BRU 82LN007CRU 82LN007DRK 82LN007ERK 82LN007FRK 82LN007GRK 82LN007HRK 82LN007JRK 82LN007KRU 82LN007LRK 82LN007MRU 82LN007NRU 82LN007PRU 82LN007QRU 82LN007RRU 82LN007SUK 82LN007TUK 82LN007UUK 82LN007VUK 82LN007WUK 82LN007XUK 82LN007YMJ 82LN0080MJ 82LN0081MJ 82LN0082MJ 82LN0083FR 82LN0084FR 82LN0085FR 82LN0086FR 82LN0087FR 82LN0089FR 82LN008ALM 82LN008BLM 82LN008CAU 82LN008DAU 82LN008EAU 82LN008FMX 82LN008HMX 82LN008JFR 82LN008KFR 82LN008LFR 82LN008MMB 82LN008NMB 82LN008PMH 82LN008QMH 82LN008RMH 82LN008SMB 82LN008TMB 82LN008UMB 82LN008VLT 82LN008WLT 82LN008YLT 82LN0090LT 82LN0091MX 82LN0093KR 82LN0094KR 82LN0095KR 82LN0096KR 82LN0097KR 82LN0098KR 82LN0099KR 82LN009AKR 82LN009BKR 82LN009CKR 82LN009DKR 82LN009EKR 82LN009FKR 82LN009GRA 82LN009HRU 82LN009JRU 82LN009KRU 82LN009LRA 82LN009MRA 82LN009NGE 82LN009PSB 82LN009QPH 82LN009RPH 82LN009SPH 82LN009TPH 82LN009UPH 82LN009VFR 82LN009YSB 82LN00A0RM 82LN00A1IN 82LN00A2IN 82LN00A3IN 82LN00A4MH 82LN00A5MH 82LN00A6MH 82LN00A7MH 82LN00A8MH 82LN00A9MH 82LN00AAMH 82LN00ABMH 82LN00ACMH 82LN00ADMH 82LN00AEMH 82LN00AFMH 82LN00AGMH 82LN00AHMH 82LN00AJMH 82LN00APVN 82LN00AQSB 82LN00ARSB 82LN00ASSB 82LN00ATSB 82LN00AUSB 82LN00AVMB 82LN00AWMB 82LN00AXMB 82LN00AYMB 82LN00B0MB 82LN00B1MB 82LN00B2MB 82LN00B3IN 82LN00B4IN 82LN00B5YA 82LN00B6YA 82LN00B7YA 82LN00B8YA 82LN00B9YA 82LN00BAYA 82LN00BBYA 82LN00BCYA 82LN00BDYA 82LN00BEYA 82LN00BFYA 82LN00BGYA 82LN00BHYA 82LN00BJAR 82LN00BKAR 82LN00BLAR 82LN00BRLM 82LN00BSLM 82LN00BTLM 82LN00BULM 82LN00BVNZ 82LN00BWNZ 82LN00BXNZ 82LN00BYNZ 82LN00C0NZ 82LN00C1MX 82LN00C2MX 82LN00C3MX 82LN00C5LM 82LN00C6CL 82LN00C7CL 82LN00C8GJ 82LN00C9TX 82LN00CATX 82LN00CBTX 82LN00CCTX 82LN00CFVN 82LN00CGFR 82LN00CHSB 82LN00CKSB 82LN00CLAU 82LN00CMAU 82LN00CNAU 82LN00CPFE 82LN00CQFE 82LN00CRFE 82LN00CSFE 82LN00CTFE 82LN00CUFE 82LN00CVFE 82LN00CWFE 82LN00CXFE 82LN00CYFG 82LN00D0FG 82LN00D1FG 82LN00D2FG 82LN00D3FG 82LN00D4FG 82LN00D5FG 82LN00D6FG 82LN00D7FG 82LN00D8AD 82LN00D9AD 82LN00DAAD 82LN00DBRA 82LN00DCRA 82LN00DDAX 82LN00DEAX 82LN00DFAX 82LN00DGAX 82LN00DHUK 82LN00DJUK 82LN00DKUK 82LN00DLCL 82LN00DNAD 82LN00DPAD 82LN00DQAD 82LN00DRAD 82LN00DSFR 82LN00DVPB 82LN00DWPB 82LN00DXPB 82LN00DYPB 82LN00E0PB 82LN00E1PB 82LN00E2PB 82LN00E3PB 82LN00E4CL 82LN00E5LM 82LN00E6AR 82LN00E7CK 82LN00E8GE 82LN00E9GE 82LN00EAGE 82LN00EBGE 82LN00ECFR 82LN00EDFR 82LN00EEAK 82LN00EFAK 82LN00EGAK 82LN00EHAK 82LN00EJGE 82LN00ELSB 82LN00EMSB 82LN00ENUK 82LN00EPAX 82LN00EQAX 82LN00ERAX 82LN00ESAX 82LN00ETAK 82LN00EUAK 82LN00EVAK 82LN00EWAK 82LN00F2IN 82LN00F3IN 82LN00F5HH 82LN00F6TA 82LN00F7HH 82LN00FLMJ 82LN00FMMJ 82LN00FNMJ 82LN00FPMJ 82LN00FQMJ 82LN00FRMJ 82LN00FSMJ 82LN00FTMJ 82LN00FUMJ 82LN00FVMJ 82LN00FWSB 82LN00FXLM 82LN00FYLM 82LN00G0SP 82LN00G1SP 82LN00G3PG 82LN00G4PG 82LN00GTIN 82LN00GUGE 82LN00GYRA 82LN00H0IX 82LN00H1IX 82LN00H2IX 82LN00H3IX 82LN00H4IX 82LN00H7HH 82LN00HMPB 82LN00HNPB 82LN00HPPB 82LN00HQPB 82LN00HRPB 82LN00HSPB 82LN00HTPB 82LN00HUPB 82LN00HVKR 82LN00HWKR 82LN00HXKR 82LN00HYKR 82LN00J0KR 82LN00J1KR 82LN00J2KR 82LN00J3KR 82LN00J9MZ 82LN00JAMZ 82LN00JBMZ 82LN00L7SC 82LN00L8SC 82LN00LBFR 82LN00LCMJ 82LN00NRTW 82LN00NSTW 82LN00NTTW 82LN00P7RE 82LN00P8RE 82LN00P9RE 82LN00PDKR 82LN00PEKR 82LN00PGKR 82LN00PKKR 82LN00Q2RA 82LN00Q3RA 82LN00Q4RA 82LN00Q5RA 82LN00Q6RA 82LN00Q7RA 82LN00Q8RA