Laptop Stand For Lenovo ideapad S340-15IWL-81N8

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


ideapad S340-15IWL-81N8_ 81N80000CL 81N80001CL 81N80002LM 81N80003LM 81N80004CL 81N80007LM 81N80009LM 81N8000BLM 81N8000ELM 81N8000GLM 81N8000HCL 81N8000JSB 81N8000KLM 81N8000LLM 81N8000MLM 81N8000PLM 81N8000STW 81N8000WTW 81N8000XTW 81N80010LM 81N80013UK 81N80014UK 81N80015UK 81N80016UK 81N80017UK 81N80018UK 81N80019UK 81N8001AUK 81N8001BUK 81N8001CUK 81N8001DUK 81N8001EUK 81N8001FUK 81N8001GUK 81N8001HUK 81N8001JUK 81N8001LUS 81N8001NAU 81N8001PAU 81N8001QCK 81N8001RCK 81N8001SCK 81N8001TCK 81N8001UAU 81N8001WAU 81N8001XFR 81N8001YFR 81N80020FR 81N80021CL 81N80025KR 81N80026KR 81N80027KR 81N80028KR 81N80029KR 81N8002AKR 81N8002BKR 81N8002CKR 81N8002DKR 81N8002EKR 81N8002FKR 81N8002GKR 81N8002HUK 81N8002JUK 81N8002KUK 81N8002LMZ 81N8002MMZ 81N8002NMZ 81N8002TGE 81N8002UGE 81N8002VGE 81N8002WGE 81N8002XGE 81N8002YMX 81N80030MX 81N80031MX 81N80032PG 81N80033FR 81N80036MJ 81N80037MJ 81N80038GE 81N80039SB 81N8003ASB 81N8003BFR 81N8003HUS 81N8003JAR 81N8003KAR 81N8003LAR 81N8003NMX 81N8003PMX 81N8003QMX 81N8003RMX 81N8003SUS 81N8003TUS 81N8003UAU 81N8003VAU 81N8003WKR 81N8003XKR 81N8003YKR 81N80040KR 81N80044KR 81N80045KR 81N80047KR 81N80048KR 81N80049KR 81N8004AKR 81N8004BKR 81N8004CJP 81N8004DJP 81N8004EJP 81N8004FJP 81N8004GJP 81N8004HJP 81N8004KAU 81N8004LAU 81N8004MSP 81N8004NSP 81N8004PSP 81N8004SFR 81N8004TPG 81N8004UKR 81N8004VKR 81N8004WKR 81N8004XKR 81N8004YFR 81N80050MZ 81N80051SB 81N80052IX 81N80053GE 81N80054GE 81N80055FR 81N80056IX 81N80057IX 81N80058IX 81N80059MZ 81N8005BAU 81N8005CPG 81N8005FMX 81N8005GGE 81N8005HGE 81N8005JHH 81N8005KHH 81N8005LHH 81N8005MHH 81N8005NHH 81N8005PHH 81N8005QHH 81N8005RHH 81N8005SHH 81N8005THH 81N8005UHH 81N8005VHH 81N8005WLT 81N8005XLT 81N8005YLT 81N80060GE 81N80061JP 81N80062JP 81N80063JP 81N80064JP 81N80065TW 81N80066TW 81N80067TW 81N80068UK 81N8006BUK 81N8006CUK 81N8006DUK 81N8006EUK 81N8006FLM 81N8006GLM 81N8006HTW 81N8006JTW 81N8006KTW 81N8006LTW 81N8006QIN 81N8006RIN 81N8006SIN 81N8006TIN 81N8006URK 81N8006VRK 81N8006WRK 81N8006XRK 81N8006YRK 81N80070RK 81N80071RK 81N80072RK 81N80073RK 81N80074RK 81N80075RK 81N80076RK 81N80077RK 81N8007AMJ 81N8007BAU 81N8007CKR 81N8007DKR 81N8007HIN 81N8007JIN 81N8007KIN 81N8007LIN 81N8007MLM 81N8007NMX 81N8007PMX 81N8007QMX 81N8007RPG 81N8007SUK 81N8007TRK 81N8007URK 81N8007VRK 81N8007WUK 81N8007XMX 81N8007YMX 81N80082MX 81N80083MX 81N80084MX 81N80085GE 81N80086HH 81N80087HH 81N80088HH 81N80089HH 81N8008AHH 81N8008BHH 81N8008CHH 81N8008DHH 81N8008EHH 81N8008FHH 81N8008GHH 81N8008HHH 81N8008JFR 81N8008KFR 81N8008LSP 81N8008NSP 81N8008PSP 81N8008QSP 81N8008RSP 81N8008SSP 81N8008TSP 81N8008UAR 81N8008VAR 81N8008WLM 81N8008XLM 81N80090TA 81N80092US 81N80094HH 81N80095HH 81N80096KR 81N80097CK 81N80098CK 81N80099CK 81N8009AIN 81N8009CUK 81N8009DUK 81N8009HCK 81N8009JCK 81N8009KCK 81N8009LIN 81N8009MIN 81N8009UIN 81N8009VIN 81N8009WIN 81N800A0FR 81N800A1FR 81N800A2FR 81N800A5FR 81N800A6FR 81N800A7FR 81N800A8FR 81N800ACFR 81N800ADFR 81N800AEFR 81N800AFKR 81N800AGKR 81N800AHKR 81N800AJKR 81N800AKKR 81N800ALKR 81N800AMKR 81N800ANKR 81N800APKR 81N800AQKR 81N800ARKR 81N800ASKR 81N800ATKR 81N800AUKR 81N800AVKR 81N800AWKR 81N800AXKR 81N800AYKR 81N800B0KR 81N800B1KR 81N800B2RE 81N800B3RE 81N800B4RE 81N800B5RE 81N800B9RE 81N800BARE 81N800BBRE 81N800BCRE 81N800BDRE 81N800BERE 81N800BFCK 81N800BGCK 81N800BHCK 81N800BJCK 81N800BKCK 81N800BLCK 81N800BMRE 81N800BNJP 81N800BPKR 81N800BQAR 81N800BRKR 81N800BUMX 81N800BVMX 81N800BWRU 81N800BXRU 81N800C1RU 81N800C2RU 81N800C3RU 81N800C4RU 81N800C7RU 81N800C8RU 81N800C9SP 81N800CASP 81N800CBSP 81N800CCSP 81N800CDSP 81N800CLRE 81N800CMRE 81N800CNGE 81N800CPGE 81N800CRGE 81N800CSGE 81N800CUGE 81N800CVGE 81N800CYGE 81N800D1FR 81N800D2US 81N800D3IN 81N800D4IN 81N800D5IN 81N800D6IN 81N800D7IN 81N800D8IN 81N800DCIN 81N800DDIN 81N800DEIN 81N800DFIN 81N800DGIN 81N800DHIN 81N800DJHV 81N800DKHV 81N800DLHV 81N800DMHV 81N800DNHV 81N800DPHV 81N800DQHV 81N800DRSC 81N800DSSC 81N800DTSC 81N800DUSC 81N800DVSC 81N800DWPG 81N800DXPG 81N800DYPG 81N800E0SC 81N800E1SC 81N800E2SC 81N800E3SC 81N800E4SC 81N800E5IX 81N800E6IX 81N800E7IX 81N800E8IX 81N800E9AD 81N800EBAD 81N800ECAD 81N800EDAD 81N800EEAD 81N800EFAD 81N800EGAD 81N800ELAD 81N800EMAD 81N800ENAD 81N800EPAD 81N800EQAD 81N800ERAD 81N800ETSA 81N800EWAX 81N800EXIV 81N800EYIV 81N800F0IV 81N800F1IV 81N800F2IV 81N800F3IV 81N800F4IV 81N800F5IV 81N800F6IV 81N800F7IV 81N800F8IV 81N800F9IV 81N800FAIV 81N800FBIV 81N800FCIV 81N800FDIV 81N800FEIV 81N800FFIV 81N800FGIV 81N800FHIV 81N800FJIV 81N800FKIV 81N800FLIV 81N800FMIV 81N800FNIV 81N800FPIV 81N800FQIV 81N800FRIV 81N800FSIV 81N800FTIV 81N800FUIV 81N800FVIV 81N800FWIV 81N800FXIV 81N800FYIV 81N800G0IV 81N800G1IV 81N800G2IV 81N800G3IV 81N800G4IV 81N800G5IV 81N800G6IV 81N800G7IV 81N800G8IV 81N800G9IV 81N800GAIV 81N800GBIV 81N800GCIV 81N800GDIV 81N800GEIV 81N800GFIV 81N800GGIV 81N800GHIV 81N800GJIV 81N800GKIV 81N800GLIV 81N800GMIV 81N800GNIV 81N800GPIV 81N800GQIV 81N800GRIV 81N800GSIV 81N800GTIV 81N800GUAX 81N800GVAX 81N800GWMX 81N800GXMX 81N800GYMX 81N800H0US 81N800H1US 81N800H2US 81N800H3US 81N800H4US 81N800H5RE 81N800H6BM 81N800H7BM 81N800H8BM 81N800H9BM 81N800HABM 81N800HBBM 81N800HCBM 81N800HDBM 81N800HELM 81N800HFIN 81N800HGTX 81N800HHGE 81N800HJED 81N800HKED 81N800HLMJ 81N800HMMJ 81N800HNKR 81N800HPKR 81N800HQRK 81N800HRRK 81N800HSRK 81N800HTRK 81N800HURK 81N800HVRK 81N800HXRK 81N800J0RK 81N800J1RK 81N800J2RK 81N800J3RK 81N800J4RK 81N800J5RU 81N800J9RK 81N800JARK 81N800JBRK 81N800JCRU 81N800JDRU 81N800JERU 81N800JFRE 81N800JGRK 81N800JHRU 81N800JJRU 81N800JKRU 81N800JLRK 81N800JRRU 81N800JSRK 81N800JTMH 81N800JUMH 81N800JVMB 81N800JWMB 81N800JXED 81N800JYED 81N800K0RE 81N800K1RE 81N800K2RE 81N800K3RE 81N800K4RE 81N800K5RE 81N800K6RE 81N800K7RE 81N800K8RE 81N800K9RE 81N800KARE 81N800KBRE 81N800KGRK 81N800KHAX 81N800KJBM 81N800KKBM 81N800KLBM 81N800KMBM 81N800KNBM 81N800KPBM 81N800KQAD 81N800KSRK 81N800KTAD 81N800KUCK 81N800KVIX 81N800KWPB 81N800KXPB 81N800KYPB 81N800L0PB 81N800L1PB 81N800L2PB 81N800L3PB 81N800L4PB 81N800L5PB 81N800L6PB 81N800L7PB 81N800L8MX 81N800L9RE 81N800LATW 81N800LBTW 81N800LCRK 81N800LDMH 81N800LEMH 81N800LFMH 81N800LJMH 81N800LKMH 81N800LLRK 81N800LMRE 81N800LNRE 81N800LPED 81N800LQFE 81N800LRUK 81N800LSUK 81N800LTUK 81N800LUUK 81N800LVUK 81N800LWFR 81N800LXFE 81N800LYFE 81N800M0FG 81N800M1TW 81N800M3RE 81N800M4RE 81N800M6RE 81N800M7IV 81N800M8IV 81N800M9IV 81N800MAIV 81N800MCIV 81N800MEIV 81N800MFRE 81N800MGIV 81N800MHIV 81N800MJIV 81N800MKIV 81N800MLIV 81N800MPIV 81N800MQIV 81N800MTIV 81N800MUIV 81N800MVIV 81N800MWIV 81N800MXIV 81N800MYSP 81N800N0SP 81N800N1HH 81N800N2HH 81N800N3HH 81N800N4HH 81N800N5HH 81N800N6HH 81N800N7HH 81N800N8HH 81N800N9HH 81N800NAHH 81N800NBRM 81N800NCRM 81N800NDRM 81N800NERM 81N800NFRM 81N800NHSA 81N800NJJP 81N800NKAD 81N800NLAD 81N800NMAD 81N800NNAD 81N800NPAD 81N800NQAD 81N800NRAD 81N800NSAD 81N800NTAD 81N800NUPG 81N800NVMZ 81N800NWHH 81N800NXGE 81N800NYGE 81N800P0GE 81N800P1GE 81N800P2GE 81N800P3IN 81N800P4IN 81N800P5IN 81N800P6IN 81N800P7IN 81N800P9SA 81N800PBFR 81N800PCFR 81N800PDFR 81N800PEFR 81N800PFFR 81N800PGFR 81N800PKFR 81N800PLFR 81N800PMFR 81N800PNPB 81N800PPPB 81N800PQPB 81N800PRPB 81N800PSPB 81N800PTPB 81N800PUPB 81N800PVPB 81N800PWPB 81N800PYGM 81N800Q0GM 81N800Q1RA 81N800Q2RA 81N800Q3RA 81N800Q4RA 81N800Q5RA 81N800Q9ED 81N800QACK 81N800QBGM 81N800QCRE 81N800QECY 81N800QFCY 81N800QGCY 81N800QHRE 81N800QJRE 81N800QKLM 81N800QLPB 81N800QMPB 81N800QNPB 81N800QPPB 81N800QQPB 81N800QRPB 81N800QSPB 81N800QTGM 81N800QXRK 81N800QYRK 81N800R0RK 81N800R1RK 81N800R2RE 81N800R4UK 81N800R5MX 81N800R6MX 81N800R7MX 81N800R8MX 81N800R9IX 81N800RAIX 81N800RBIX 81N800RCMB 81N800RDMB 81N800REMX 81N800RFMX 81N800RMMZ 81N800RNRE 81N800RPRE 81N800RQRE 81N800RRGE 81N800RTIN 81N800RUIN 81N800RVIN 81N800RWIN 81N800RXIN 81N800RYAD 81N800S0AD 81N800S1AD 81N800S2AD 81N800S3GE 81N800S4RE 81N800S5RE 81N800S6RE 81N800S7ED 81N800S8MB 81N800S9RE 81N800SABM 81N800SBBM 81N800SCBM 81N800SFGE 81N800SGGE 81N800SHGE 81N800SJBM 81N800SKUS 81N800SLUS 81N800SMBM 81N800SPBM 81N800SRGE 81N800STSP 81N800SUIN 81N800SVIN 81N800SWLT 81N800SXLT 81N800SYLT 81N800T0LT 81N800T1LT 81N800T2LT 81N800T3RK 81N800T5MB 81N800T6US 81N800T7US 81N800T8US 81N800T9US 81N800TALT 81N800TBMZ 81N800TNMX 81N800TPMX 81N800TTRK 81N800TUCK 81N800TVCK 81N800TXMH 81N800TYMH 81N800U0MB 81N800U1MB 81N800U2PG 81N800U3PG 81N800U4CK 81N800U5CK 81N800U6CK 81N800U7CK 81N800U8MJ 81N800U9MJ 81N800UASP 81N800UBSP 81N800UDSP 81N800UFHH 81N800UHFR 81N800ULRK 81N800UMFR 81N800UPGM 81N800UQGM 81N800URBM 81N800USBM 81N800UTGE 81N800UUGE 81N800UVGE 81N800UXPB 81N800UYPB 81N800V1SP 81N800V2FE 81N800V3FE 81N800V4IX 81N800V5AD 81N800V6SB 81N800V9SA 81N800VASA 81N800VBIV 81N800VCRK 81N800VDRK 81N800VERK 81N800VFRK 81N800VGRK 81N800VHRK 81N800VJRK 81N800VKRK 81N800VNRK 81N800VPRK 81N800VRRK 81N800VXHV 81N800W4IX 81N800W5UK 81N800W7UK 81N800W8FE 81N800W9UK 81N800WARK 81N800WBSC 81N800WCSC 81N800WDRA 81N800WERA 81N800WFRA 81N800WGRA 81N800WHRA 81N800WJRA 81N800WKRA 81N800WLRA 81N800WMRA 81N800WNRA 81N800WPRA 81N800WQRA 81N800WRRA 81N800WSRA 81N800WTRA 81N800WURA 81N800WVRA 81N800WWRA 81N800WXRA 81N800WYRA 81N800X0RA 81N800X1RA 81N800X2RA 81N800X3RA 81N800X4RA 81N800X5RA 81N800X6RA 81N800X7RA 81N800X8RA 81N800X9RA 81N800XARA 81N800XBRA 81N800XCRA 81N800XDRA 81N800XERA 81N800XFRA 81N800XGRA 81N800XHRA 81N800XJRA 81N800XKRA 81N800XMRA 81N800XNRA 81N800XPRA 81N800XQRA 81N800XRRA 81N800XSRA 81N800XTRA 81N800XURA 81N800XVRA 81N800XWRA 81N800XYRA 81N800Y0RA 81N800Y1RA 81N800Y2RA 81N800Y3RA 81N800Y4RA 81N800Y5RA 81N800Y6RA 81N800Y7RA 81N800Y8RA 81N800Y9RA 81N800YARA 81N800YBRA 81N800YCRA 81N800YDRA 81N800YERA 81N800YFRA 81N800YGRA 81N800YHRA 81N800YLRE 81N800YMRE 81N800YNRE 81N800YPRE 81N800YQRE 81N800YRRE 81N800YVRU 81N800YWRE 81N800YXRE 81N800YYRE 81N80100RE 81N80101PG 81N80103PG 81N80104PG 81N80105FR 81N80106FR 81N80107RE 81N80108RE 81N80109RE 81N8010ARE 81N8010BRE 81N8010CED 81N8010EED 81N8010FED 81N8010JED 81N8010KED 81N8010LRE 81N8010MRE 81N8010NRE 81N8010PUK 81N8010QUK 81N8010RBM 81N8010TRE 81N8010URE 81N8010VRE 81N8010WRE 81N80110RE 81N80111RE 81N80112RE 81N80113RE 81N80114RE 81N80115RE 81N80116RE 81N80117RE 81N80118RE 81N80119RE 81N8011ARE 81N8011BRE 81N8011CRE 81N8011DRE 81N8011GRE 81N8011HRE 81N8011JCK 81N8011KRE 81N8011LHH 81N8011MHH 81N8011NHH 81N8011PHH 81N8011QHH 81N8011RHH 81N8011SPG 81N8011TMB 81N8011UMB 81N8011VMB 81N8011WTW 81N8011XTW 81N8011YTW 81N80120TW 81N80121UK 81N80123TA 81N80127MJ 81N80129MJ 81N8012ARE 81N8012BRE 81N8012CMH 81N8012DMH 81N8012EMH 81N8012FHH 81N8012GHH 81N8012HHH 81N8012JHH 81N8012KHH 81N8012LHH 81N8012MSB 81N8012RTW 81N8012STW 81N8012TTW 81N8012UMJ 81N8012VHH 81N8012WHH 81N8012XHH 81N8012YSB 81N80130RE 81N80131RE 81N80132RE 81N80133RE 81N80134RE 81N80135RE 81N80136RE 81N80137RE 81N80138RE 81N80139RE 81N8013ARE 81N8013BRE 81N8013CRE 81N8013DRE 81N8013ERK 81N8013FRK 81N8013GRK 81N8013HRK 81N8013JHV 81N8013KUK 81N8013MKR 81N8013NPG 81N8013PPG 81N8013QPG 81N8013RRK 81N8013VHH 81N8013WTW 81N8013XTW 81N80141TW 81N80143HH 81N80144RE 81N80145RE 81N80146LT 81N80147LT 81N80148KR 81N80149KR 81N8014AKR 81N8014BKR 81N8014CKR 81N8014DKR 81N8014EKR 81N8014FKR 81N8014GKR 81N8014HKR 81N8014JKR 81N8014KKR 81N8014LKR 81N8014MKR 81N8014NKR 81N8014PKR 81N8014QKR 81N8014UUK 81N8014VUK 81N8014YCL 81N80150CL 81N80151ML 81N80152RE 81N80153RE 81N80154RE 81N80155FR 81N80156SP 81N80157SP 81N80158SP 81N80159SP 81N8015AGE 81N8015BMB 81N8015CPB 81N8015DUK 81N8015ERK 81N8015FGE 81N8015HMH 81N8015KRK 81N8015LFE 81N8015MGE 81N8015NRK 81N8015PRK 81N8015QRK 81N8015SJP 81N8015TJP 81N8015UJP 81N8015VJP 81N80160KR 81N80161RE 81N80162RE 81N80163RE 81N80164RE 81N80165RE 81N80166RE 81N80167RE 81N80168RE 81N80169RE 81N8016ARE 81N8016BRE 81N8016CRE 81N8016DRE 81N8016ERE 81N8016FRE 81N8016GRE 81N8016HRE 81N8016JPB 81N8016MGE 81N8016NLM 81N8016SRE 81N8016URE 81N8016YBM 81N80170RE 81N80171HH 81N80172HH 81N80173HH 81N80174KR 81N80175KR 81N80177MX 81N80178JP 81N80179JP 81N8017AJP 81N8017BJP 81N8017CPB 81N8017DKR 81N8017ERK 81N8017FMX 81N8017GPB 81N8017HLM