Laptop Stand For Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G3 ACL-21A2

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


ThinkBook 14 G3 ACL-21A2_ 21A20004AD 21A20004AK 21A20004AT 21A20004AX 21A20004BM 21A20004CK 21A20004CY 21A20004DS 21A20004DT 21A20004DU 21A20004ED 21A20004FE 21A20004FG 21A20004FR 21A20004GE 21A20004GM 21A20004HV 21A20004IU 21A20004IV 21A20004IW 21A20004IX 21A20004KG 21A20004LT 21A20004MB 21A20004MH 21A20004ML 21A20004MX 21A20004MZ 21A20004PB 21A20004PE 21A20004PG 21A20004PK 21A20004PS 21A20004RA 21A20004RM 21A20004RU 21A20004SA 21A20004SC 21A20004SP 21A20004UA 21A20004UE 21A20004UK 21A20004YA 21A20005AD 21A20005AK 21A20005AT 21A20005AX 21A20005BM 21A20005CK 21A20005CY 21A20005DS 21A20005DT 21A20005DU 21A20005ED 21A20005FE 21A20005FG 21A20005FR 21A20005GE 21A20005GM 21A20005HV 21A20005IU 21A20005IV 21A20005IW 21A20005IX 21A20005KG 21A20005LT 21A20005MB 21A20005MH 21A20005ML 21A20005MX 21A20005MZ 21A20005PB 21A20005PE 21A20005PG 21A20005PK 21A20005PS 21A20005RA 21A20005RM 21A20005RU 21A20005SA 21A20005SC 21A20005SP 21A20005UA 21A20005UE 21A20005UK 21A20005YA 21A20006AD 21A20006AK 21A20006AT 21A20006AX 21A20006BM 21A20006CK 21A20006CY 21A20006DS 21A20006DT 21A20006DU 21A20006ED 21A20006FE 21A20006FG 21A20006FR 21A20006GE 21A20006GM 21A20006HV 21A20006IU 21A20006IV 21A20006IW 21A20006IX 21A20006KG 21A20006LT 21A20006MB 21A20006MH 21A20006ML 21A20006MX 21A20006MZ 21A20006PB 21A20006PE 21A20006PG 21A20006PK 21A20006PS 21A20006RA 21A20006RM 21A20006RU 21A20006SA 21A20006SC 21A20006SP 21A20006UA 21A20006UE 21A20006UK 21A20006YA 21A20007AD 21A20007AK 21A20007AT 21A20007AX 21A20007BM 21A20007CK 21A20007CY 21A20007DS 21A20007DT 21A20007DU 21A20007ED 21A20007FE 21A20007FG 21A20007FR 21A20007GE 21A20007GM 21A20007HV 21A20007IU 21A20007IV 21A20007IW 21A20007IX 21A20007KG 21A20007LT 21A20007MB 21A20007MH 21A20007ML 21A20007MX 21A20007MZ 21A20007PB 21A20007PE 21A20007PG 21A20007PK 21A20007PS 21A20007RA 21A20007RM 21A20007RU 21A20007SA 21A20007SC 21A20007SP 21A20007UA 21A20007UE 21A20007UK 21A20007YA 21A20008AD 21A20008AK 21A20008AT 21A20008AX 21A20008BM 21A20008CK 21A20008CY 21A20008DS 21A20008DT 21A20008DU 21A20008ED 21A20008FE 21A20008FG 21A20008FR 21A20008GE 21A20008GM 21A20008HV 21A20008IU 21A20008IV 21A20008IW 21A20008IX 21A20008KG 21A20008LT 21A20008MB 21A20008MH 21A20008ML 21A20008MX 21A20008MZ 21A20008PB 21A20008PE 21A20008PG 21A20008PK 21A20008PS 21A20008RA 21A20008RM 21A20008RU 21A20008SA 21A20008SC 21A20008SP 21A20008UA 21A20008UE 21A20008UK 21A20008YA 21A20009KR 21A2000AKR 21A2000BKR 21A2000CKR 21A2000DKR 21A2000EKR 21A2000FKR 21A2000GKR 21A2000JJP 21A2000KJP 21A2000LJP 21A2000MJP 21A2000NJP 21A2000PJP 21A2000QJP 21A2000RJP 21A2000SJP 21A2000TJP 21A2000UJP 21A2000VJP 21A2000WJP 21A2000XJP 21A2001EAD 21A2001EAK 21A2001EAX 21A2001EED 21A2001EFE 21A2001EFG 21A2001EPE 21A2001EPK 21A2001EPS 21A2001ESA 21A2001EUE 21A2001GAD 21A2001GAK 21A2001GAX 21A2001GED 21A2001GFE 21A2001GFG 21A2001GPE 21A2001GPK 21A2001GPS 21A2001GSA 21A2001GUE 21A2001HAD 21A2001HAK 21A2001HAX 21A2001HED 21A2001HFE 21A2001HFG 21A2001HPE 21A2001HPK 21A2001HPS 21A2001HSA 21A2001HUE 21A2001KAD 21A2001KAK 21A2001KAX 21A2001KED 21A2001KFE 21A2001KFG 21A2001KPE 21A2001KPK 21A2001KPS 21A2001KSA 21A2001KUE 21A2001LAD 21A2001LAK 21A2001LAX 21A2001LED 21A2001LFE 21A2001LFG 21A2001LPE 21A2001LPK 21A2001LPS 21A2001LSA 21A2001LUE 21A2001NAD 21A2001NAK 21A2001NAX 21A2001NED 21A2001NFE 21A2001NFG 21A2001NPE 21A2001NPK 21A2001NPS 21A2001NSA 21A2001NUE 21A2001TAD 21A2001TAK 21A2001TAX 21A2001TED 21A2001TFE 21A2001TFG 21A2001TPE 21A2001TPK 21A2001TPS 21A2001TSA 21A2001TUE 21A2001VAD 21A2001VAK 21A2001VAX 21A2001VED 21A2001VFE 21A2001VFG 21A2001VPE 21A2001VPK 21A2001VPS 21A2001VSA 21A2001VUE 21A2001WAD 21A2001WAK 21A2001WAX 21A2001WED 21A2001WFE 21A2001WFG 21A2001WPE 21A2001WPK 21A2001WPS 21A2001WSA 21A2001WUE 21A20020AD 21A20020AK 21A20020AX 21A20020ED 21A20020FE 21A20020FG 21A20020PE 21A20020PK 21A20020PS 21A20020SA 21A20020UE 21A20022AD 21A20022AK 21A20022AX 21A20022ED 21A20022FE 21A20022FG 21A20022PE 21A20022PK 21A20022PS 21A20022SA 21A20022UE 21A20025AD 21A20025AK 21A20025AX 21A20025ED 21A20025FE 21A20025FG 21A20025PE 21A20025PK 21A20025PS 21A20025SA 21A20025UE 21A20027AD 21A20027AK 21A20027AX 21A20027ED 21A20027FE 21A20027FG 21A20027PE 21A20027PK 21A20027PS 21A20027SA 21A20027UE 21A20029AD 21A20029AK 21A20029AX 21A20029ED 21A20029FE 21A20029FG 21A20029PE 21A20029PK 21A20029PS 21A20029SA 21A20029UE 21A2002BAD 21A2002BAK 21A2002BAX 21A2002BED 21A2002BFE 21A2002BFG 21A2002BPE 21A2002BPK 21A2002BPS 21A2002BSA 21A2002BUE 21A2002DSB 21A2002ESB 21A2002FAD 21A2002FAK 21A2002FAT 21A2002FAX 21A2002FBM 21A2002FCK 21A2002FCY 21A2002FDS 21A2002FDT 21A2002FDU 21A2002FED 21A2002FFE 21A2002FFG 21A2002FFR 21A2002FGE 21A2002FGM 21A2002FHV 21A2002FIU 21A2002FIV 21A2002FIW 21A2002FIX 21A2002FKG 21A2002FLT 21A2002FMB 21A2002FMH 21A2002FML 21A2002FMX 21A2002FMZ 21A2002FPB 21A2002FPE 21A2002FPG 21A2002FPK 21A2002FPS 21A2002FRA 21A2002FRM 21A2002FRU 21A2002FSA 21A2002FSC 21A2002FSP 21A2002FUA 21A2002FUE 21A2002FUK 21A2002FYA 21A2002GAD 21A2002GAK 21A2002GAT 21A2002GAX 21A2002GBM 21A2002GCK 21A2002GCY 21A2002GDS 21A2002GDT 21A2002GDU 21A2002GED 21A2002GFE 21A2002GFG 21A2002GFR 21A2002GGE 21A2002GGM 21A2002GHV 21A2002GIU 21A2002GIV 21A2002GIW 21A2002GIX 21A2002GKG 21A2002GLT 21A2002GMB 21A2002GMH 21A2002GML 21A2002GMX 21A2002GMZ 21A2002GPB 21A2002GPE 21A2002GPG 21A2002GPK 21A2002GPS 21A2002GRA 21A2002GRM 21A2002GRU 21A2002GSA 21A2002GSC 21A2002GSP 21A2002GUA 21A2002GUE 21A2002GUK 21A2002GYA 21A2002HAD 21A2002HAK 21A2002HAT 21A2002HAX 21A2002HBM 21A2002HCK 21A2002HCY 21A2002HDS 21A2002HDT 21A2002HDU 21A2002HED 21A2002HFE 21A2002HFG 21A2002HFR 21A2002HGE 21A2002HGM 21A2002HHV 21A2002HIU 21A2002HIV 21A2002HIW 21A2002HIX 21A2002HKG 21A2002HLT 21A2002HMB 21A2002HMH 21A2002HML 21A2002HMX 21A2002HMZ 21A2002HPB 21A2002HPE 21A2002HPG 21A2002HPK 21A2002HPS 21A2002HRA 21A2002HRM 21A2002HRU 21A2002HSA 21A2002HSC 21A2002HSP 21A2002HUA 21A2002HUE 21A2002HUK 21A2002HYA 21A2002JAD 21A2002JAK 21A2002JAT 21A2002JAX 21A2002JBM 21A2002JCK 21A2002JCY 21A2002JDS 21A2002JDT 21A2002JDU 21A2002JED 21A2002JFE 21A2002JFG 21A2002JFR 21A2002JGE 21A2002JGM 21A2002JHV 21A2002JIU 21A2002JIV 21A2002JIW 21A2002JIX 21A2002JKG 21A2002JLT 21A2002JMB 21A2002JMH 21A2002JML 21A2002JMX 21A2002JMZ 21A2002JPB 21A2002JPE 21A2002JPG 21A2002JPK 21A2002JPS 21A2002JRA 21A2002JRM 21A2002JRU 21A2002JSA 21A2002JSC 21A2002JSP 21A2002JUA 21A2002JUE 21A2002JUK 21A2002JYA 21A2002KAD 21A2002KAK 21A2002KAT 21A2002KAX 21A2002KBM 21A2002KCK 21A2002KCY 21A2002KDS 21A2002KDT 21A2002KDU 21A2002KED 21A2002KFE 21A2002KFG 21A2002KFR 21A2002KGE 21A2002KGM 21A2002KHV 21A2002KIU 21A2002KIV 21A2002KIW 21A2002KIX 21A2002KKG 21A2002KLT 21A2002KMB 21A2002KMH 21A2002KML 21A2002KMX 21A2002KMZ 21A2002KPB 21A2002KPE 21A2002KPG 21A2002KPK 21A2002KPS 21A2002KRA 21A2002KRM 21A2002KRU 21A2002KSA 21A2002KSC 21A2002KSP 21A2002KUA 21A2002KUE 21A2002KUK 21A2002KYA 21A2002LAD 21A2002LAK 21A2002LAT 21A2002LAX 21A2002LBM 21A2002LCK 21A2002LCY 21A2002LDS 21A2002LDT 21A2002LDU 21A2002LED 21A2002LFE 21A2002LFG 21A2002LFR 21A2002LGE 21A2002LGM 21A2002LHV 21A2002LIU 21A2002LIV 21A2002LIW 21A2002LIX 21A2002LKG 21A2002LLT 21A2002LMB 21A2002LMH 21A2002LML 21A2002LMX 21A2002LMZ 21A2002LPB 21A2002LPE 21A2002LPG 21A2002LPK 21A2002LPS 21A2002LRA 21A2002LRM 21A2002LRU 21A2002LSA 21A2002LSC 21A2002LSP 21A2002LUA 21A2002LUE 21A2002LUK 21A2002LYA 21A2002MAD 21A2002MAK 21A2002MAT 21A2002MAX 21A2002MBM 21A2002MCK 21A2002MCY 21A2002MDS 21A2002MDT 21A2002MDU 21A2002MED 21A2002MFE 21A2002MFG 21A2002MFR 21A2002MGE 21A2002MGM 21A2002MHV 21A2002MIU 21A2002MIV 21A2002MIW 21A2002MIX 21A2002MKG 21A2002MLT 21A2002MMB 21A2002MMH 21A2002MML 21A2002MMX 21A2002MMZ 21A2002MPB 21A2002MPE 21A2002MPG 21A2002MPK 21A2002MPS 21A2002MRA 21A2002MRM 21A2002MRU 21A2002MSA 21A2002MSC 21A2002MSP 21A2002MUA 21A2002MUE 21A2002MUK 21A2002MYA 21A2002NUS 21A2002PCA 21A2002QCA 21A2002RUS 21A2002SUS 21A2002TCA 21A2002UHH 21A2002VHH 21A2002WHH 21A2002XMJ 21A2002YMJ 21A20030MJ 21A20031SB 21A20032SB 21A20033SB 21A20034TA 21A20035TA 21A20036TA 21A20037TW 21A20038TW 21A20039TW 21A2003AVN 21A2003BVN 21A2003DAD 21A2003DAK 21A2003DAX 21A2003DED 21A2003DFE 21A2003DFG 21A2003DPE 21A2003DPK 21A2003DPS 21A2003DSA 21A2003DUE 21A2003EAD 21A2003EAK 21A2003EAX 21A2003EED 21A2003EFE 21A2003EFG 21A2003EPE 21A2003EPK 21A2003EPS 21A2003ESA 21A2003EUE 21A2003HAD 21A2003HAK 21A2003HAX 21A2003HED 21A2003HFE 21A2003HFG 21A2003HPE 21A2003HPK 21A2003HPS 21A2003HSA 21A2003HUE 21A2003JVN 21A2003KVN 21A2003LRU 21A2003MRU 21A2003QVN 21A2003RVN 21A2003SVN 21A2003TRU 21A2003URU 21A2003VRU 21A2003WRU 21A2003XRU 21A2003YAD 21A2003YAK 21A2003YAT 21A2003YAX 21A2003YBM 21A2003YCK 21A2003YCY 21A2003YDS 21A2003YDT 21A2003YDU 21A2003YFR 21A2003YGE 21A2003YGM 21A2003YHV 21A2003YIU 21A2003YIV 21A2003YIW 21A2003YIX 21A2003YLT 21A2003YMB 21A2003YMH 21A2003YML 21A2003YMX 21A2003YMZ 21A2003YPB 21A2003YPG 21A2003YRM 21A2003YSC 21A2003YSP 21A2003YUK 21A20040AD 21A20040AK 21A20040AT 21A20040AX 21A20040BM 21A20040CK 21A20040CY 21A20040DS 21A20040DT 21A20040DU 21A20040FR 21A20040GE 21A20040GM 21A20040HV 21A20040IU 21A20040IV 21A20040IW 21A20040IX 21A20040LT 21A20040MB 21A20040MH 21A20040ML 21A20040MX 21A20040MZ 21A20040PB 21A20040PG 21A20040RM 21A20040SC 21A20040SP 21A20040UK 21A20042TX 21A20043KG 21A20043RA 21A20043RU 21A20043UA 21A20044KG 21A20044RA 21A20044RU 21A20044UA 21A20045KG 21A20045RA 21A20045RU 21A20045UA 21A20046RU 21A20047RU 21A20048RU 21A20049TX 21A2004AVN 21A2004BVN 21A2004CVN 21A2004DVN 21A2004EPH 21A2004FPH 21A2004GAD 21A2004GAK 21A2004GAT 21A2004GAX 21A2004GBM 21A2004GCK 21A2004GCY 21A2004GDS 21A2004GDT 21A2004GDU 21A2004GFR 21A2004GGE 21A2004GGM 21A2004GHV 21A2004GIU 21A2004GIV 21A2004GIW 21A2004GIX 21A2004GLT 21A2004GMB 21A2004GMH 21A2004GML 21A2004GMX 21A2004GMZ 21A2004GPB 21A2004GPG 21A2004GRM 21A2004GSC 21A2004GSP 21A2004GUK 21A2004MKR 21A2004NHH 21A2004PHH 21A2004QHH 21A2004RMJ 21A2004SMJ 21A2004TMJ 21A2004USB 21A2004VTA 21A2004WSB 21A2004XSB 21A2004YKR 21A20050KR 21A20051KR 21A20052KR 21A20053KR 21A20054TA 21A20055TA 21A20056TW 21A20057TW 21A20058TW 21A20059VN 21A2005ATA 21A2005BTA 21A2005CTA 21A2005DTA 21A2005ETW 21A2005FTW 21A2005GTW 21A2005HTW 21A2005JHH 21A2005KHH 21A2005LHH 21A2005MHH 21A2005NMJ 21A2005PMJ 21A2005QMJ 21A2005RMJ 21A2005SSB 21A2005TSB 21A2005USB 21A2005VSB 21A2005WKR 21A2005XKR 21A2005YKR 21A20060KR 21A20061KR 21A20062TW 21A20063PH 21A20064KR 21A20065KR 21A20066KR 21A20067KR 21A2006CSB 21A2006DJP 21A2006EJP 21A2006FJP 21A2006GJP 21A2006HJP 21A2006JJP 21A2006KJP 21A2006LJP 21A2006MJP 21A2006NJP 21A2006PJP 21A2006QJP 21A2006RJP 21A2006SJP 21A2006TSB 21A2006USB 21A2006VSB 21A2006WSB 21A2006XSB 21A2006YTW 21A20070TW 21A20071TW 21A20072TA 21A20073TA 21A20074TA 21A20075SB 21A20076SB 21A20077SB 21A20078MJ 21A20079MJ 21A2007AMJ 21A2007BHH 21A2007CHH 21A2007DHH 21A2007EPH 21A2007FTW 21A2007GTW 21A2007HPH 21A2007JPH 21A2007KID 21A2007LID 21A2007MID 21A2007NID 21A2007PID 21A2007QKR 21A2007RKR 21A2007SKR 21A2007TKR 21A2007UKR 21A2007VKR 21A2007WKR 21A2007XKR 21A2007YKR 21A20080KR 21A20081KR 21A20082KR 21A20083KR 21A20084US 21A20085US 21A20086US 21A20087US 21A20088US 21A20089US 21A2008EVN 21A2008FVN 21A2008GVN 21A2008LLM 21A2008MLM 21A2008NPH 21A2008PID 21A2008QID 21A2008RID 21A2008SSB 21A2008TSB 21A2008UTW 21A2008VTA 21A2008WTA 21A2008XTA 21A2008YTA 21A20090TA 21A20091TA 21A20094TW 21A20095KR 21A20096KR 21A20097ID 21A2009AID 21A2009BUS 21A2009CCA 21A2009DUS 21A2009ECA 21A2009FUS 21A2009GCA 21A2009HKR 21A2009JPH 21A2009KHH 21A2009LHH 21A2009MHH 21A2009NMJ 21A2009PMJ 21A2009QMJ 21A2009RSB 21A2009SSB 21A2009TPH 21A2009UTA 21A2009VTA 21A2009WTA 21A2009XTA 21A2009YTA 21A200A0KR 21A200A1KR 21A200A2ID 21A200A3ID 21A200A4ID 21A200A5ID 21A200A6ID 21A200A8VN 21A200A9AD 21A200A9AK 21A200A9AX 21A200A9BM 21A200A9CK 21A200A9CY 21A200A9ED 21A200A9FE 21A200A9FG 21A200A9GM 21A200A9HV 21A200A9PB 21A200A9PE 21A200A9PK 21A200A9PS 21A200A9RM 21A200A9RU 21A200A9SA 21A200A9SC 21A200A9UE 21A200A9YA 21A200ABSB 21A200ACSB 21A200ADAD 21A200ADAK 21A200ADAX 21A200ADED 21A200ADFE 21A200ADFG 21A200ADPE 21A200ADPK 21A200ADPS 21A200ADSA 21A200ADUE 21A200AEAD 21A200AEAK 21A200AEAX 21A200AEED 21A200AEFE 21A200AEFG 21A200AEPE 21A200AEPK 21A200AEPS 21A200AESA 21A200AEUE 21A200AFAD 21A200AFAK 21A200AFAX 21A200AFED 21A200AFFE 21A200AFFG 21A200AFPE 21A200AFPK 21A200AFPS 21A200AFSA 21A200AFUE 21A200AGAD 21A200AGAK 21A200AGAX 21A200AGED 21A200AGFE 21A200AGFG 21A200AGPE 21A200AGPK 21A200AGPS 21A200AGSA 21A200AGUE 21A200AHAD 21A200AHAK 21A200AHAX 21A200AHED 21A200AHFE 21A200AHFG 21A200AHPE 21A200AHPK 21A200AHPS 21A200AHSA 21A200AHUE 21A200AJAD 21A200AJAK 21A200AJAX 21A200AJED 21A200AJFE 21A200AJFG 21A200AJPE 21A200AJPK 21A200AJPS 21A200AJSA 21A200AJUE 21A200AKAD 21A200AKAK 21A200AKAX 21A200AKED 21A200AKFE 21A200AKFG 21A200AKPE 21A200AKPK 21A200AKPS 21A200AKSA 21A200AKUE 21A200ALAD 21A200ALAK 21A200ALAX 21A200ALED 21A200ALFE 21A200ALFG 21A200ALPE 21A200ALPK 21A200ALPS 21A200ALSA 21A200ALUE 21A200APPH 21A200AQPH 21A200ARMJ 21A200B1MJ 21A200B2MJ 21A200B3PH 21A200B4PH 21A200B5ID 21A200B6KG 21A200B6RA 21A200B6RU 21A200B6UA 21A200B7ID 21A200B8ID 21A200B9IX 21A200BAIX 21A200BBIX 21A200BCUS 21A200BDCA 21A200C1JP 21A200C2JP 21A200C3PH 21A200C4PH 21A200C5PH 21A200C6PH 21A200C7PH 21A200C8PH 21A200C9PH 21A200CKMJ 21A200CQVN 21A200CUVN 21A200CWVN 21A200ERID 21A200ESID 21A200ETID 21A200EWVN 21A200EXVN 21A200FNTW