Laptop Stand For Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Gen 2 (Intel)-20VH

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


ThinkPad L13 Gen 2 (Intel)-20VH_ 20VH001HCA 20VH001JCA 20VH001KCA 20VH003AFQ 20VH003CFQ 20VH003KFQ 20VH004GHH 20VH004GSG 20VH004GTW 20VH004HHH 20VH004HSG 20VH004HTW 20VH004JTX 20VH004KPH 20VH004LPH 20VH004MPH 20VH004NAD 20VH004NAT 20VH004NBM 20VH004NCK 20VH004NCX 20VH004NCY 20VH004NED 20VH004NEE 20VH004NEQ 20VH004NFE 20VH004NFR 20VH004NGB 20VH004NGE 20VH004NGM 20VH004NHV 20VH004NIU 20VH004NIV 20VH004NIW 20VH004NIX 20VH004NMB 20VH004NMD 20VH004NMH 20VH004NML 20VH004NMN 20VH004NMS 20VH004NMX 20VH004NMZ 20VH004NPB 20VH004NPE 20VH004NPG 20VH004NRI 20VH004NRK 20VH004NRT 20VH004NSC 20VH004NSP 20VH004NTX 20VH004NUE 20VH004NUK 20VH004NYA 20VH004NZA 20VH004PAD 20VH004PAT 20VH004PBM 20VH004PCK 20VH004PCX 20VH004PCY 20VH004PED 20VH004PEE 20VH004PEQ 20VH004PFE 20VH004PFR 20VH004PGB 20VH004PGE 20VH004PGM 20VH004PHV 20VH004PIU 20VH004PIV 20VH004PIW 20VH004PIX 20VH004PMB 20VH004PMD 20VH004PMH 20VH004PML 20VH004PMN 20VH004PMS 20VH004PMX 20VH004PMZ 20VH004PPB 20VH004PPE 20VH004PPG 20VH004PRI 20VH004PRK 20VH004PRT 20VH004PSC 20VH004PSP 20VH004PTX 20VH004PUE 20VH004PUK 20VH004PYA 20VH004PZA 20VH004QAD 20VH004QAT 20VH004QBM 20VH004QCK 20VH004QCX 20VH004QCY 20VH004QED 20VH004QEE 20VH004QEQ 20VH004QFE 20VH004QFR 20VH004QGB 20VH004QGE 20VH004QGM 20VH004QHV 20VH004QIU 20VH004QIV 20VH004QIW 20VH004QIX 20VH004QMB 20VH004QMD 20VH004QMH 20VH004QML 20VH004QMN 20VH004QMS 20VH004QMX 20VH004QMZ 20VH004QPB 20VH004QPE 20VH004QPG 20VH004QRI 20VH004QRK 20VH004QRT 20VH004QSC 20VH004QSP 20VH004QTX 20VH004QUE 20VH004QUK 20VH004QYA 20VH004QZA 20VH004RAD 20VH004RAT 20VH004RBM 20VH004RCK 20VH004RCX 20VH004RCY 20VH004RED 20VH004REE 20VH004REQ 20VH004RFE 20VH004RFR 20VH004RGB 20VH004RGE 20VH004RGM 20VH004RHV 20VH004RIU 20VH004RIV 20VH004RIW 20VH004RIX 20VH004RMB 20VH004RMD 20VH004RMH 20VH004RML 20VH004RMN 20VH004RMS 20VH004RMX 20VH004RMZ 20VH004RPB 20VH004RPE 20VH004RPG 20VH004RRI 20VH004RRK 20VH004RRT 20VH004RSC 20VH004RSP 20VH004RTX 20VH004RUE 20VH004RUK 20VH004RYA 20VH004RZA 20VH004STW 20VH004TTW 20VH004UTA 20VH004VTH 20VH004WTH 20VH004XKR 20VH004YPH 20VH0050PH 20VH0051JP 20VH0052JP 20VH0053JP 20VH0054JP 20VH0055AD 20VH0055AT 20VH0055BM 20VH0055CK 20VH0055CX 20VH0055CY 20VH0055ED 20VH0055EE 20VH0055EQ 20VH0055FE 20VH0055FR 20VH0055GB 20VH0055GE 20VH0055GM 20VH0055HV 20VH0055IU 20VH0055IV 20VH0055IW 20VH0055IX 20VH0055MB 20VH0055MD 20VH0055MH 20VH0055ML 20VH0055MN 20VH0055MS 20VH0055MX 20VH0055MZ 20VH0055PB 20VH0055PE 20VH0055PG 20VH0055RI 20VH0055RK 20VH0055RT 20VH0055SC 20VH0055SP 20VH0055TX 20VH0055UE 20VH0055UK 20VH0055YA 20VH0055ZA 20VH0056AD 20VH0056AT 20VH0056BM 20VH0056CK 20VH0056CX 20VH0056CY 20VH0056ED 20VH0056EE 20VH0056EQ 20VH0056FE 20VH0056FR 20VH0056GB 20VH0056GE 20VH0056GM 20VH0056HV 20VH0056IU 20VH0056IV 20VH0056IW 20VH0056IX 20VH0056MB 20VH0056MD 20VH0056MH 20VH0056ML 20VH0056MN 20VH0056MS 20VH0056MX 20VH0056MZ 20VH0056PB 20VH0056PE 20VH0056PG 20VH0056RI 20VH0056RK 20VH0056RT 20VH0056SC 20VH0056SP 20VH0056TX 20VH0056UE 20VH0056UK 20VH0056YA 20VH0056ZA 20VH0057KR 20VH0058KR 20VHS00G00 20VHS00H00 20VHS02800 20VHS04300 20VHS04G00 20VHS04J00 20VHS05K00 20VHS07100 20VHS07500 20VHS07600 20VHS07D00 20VHS07E00 20VHS07M00 20VHS08400 20VHS08G00 20VHS08U00 20VHS09200 20VHS09300 20VHS09F00