Laptop Stand For Lenovo ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 2 (Intel)-20VK

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 2 (Intel)-20VK_ 20VK0017CA 20VK0018CA 20VK0019CA 20VK003YHH 20VK003YSG 20VK003YTW 20VK0040HH 20VK0040SG 20VK0040TW 20VK0043TX 20VK0044TX 20VK0045PH 20VK0046PH 20VK0047AD 20VK0047AT 20VK0047BM 20VK0047CK 20VK0047CX 20VK0047CY 20VK0047ED 20VK0047EE 20VK0047EQ 20VK0047FE 20VK0047FR 20VK0047GB 20VK0047GE 20VK0047GM 20VK0047HV 20VK0047IU 20VK0047IV 20VK0047IW 20VK0047IX 20VK0047MB 20VK0047MD 20VK0047MH 20VK0047ML 20VK0047MN 20VK0047MS 20VK0047MX 20VK0047MZ 20VK0047PB 20VK0047PE 20VK0047PG 20VK0047RI 20VK0047RK 20VK0047RT 20VK0047SC 20VK0047SP 20VK0047TX 20VK0047UE 20VK0047UK 20VK0047YA 20VK0047ZA 20VK0048AD 20VK0048AT 20VK0048BM 20VK0048CK 20VK0048CX 20VK0048CY 20VK0048ED 20VK0048EE 20VK0048EQ 20VK0048FE 20VK0048FR 20VK0048GB 20VK0048GE 20VK0048GM 20VK0048HV 20VK0048IU 20VK0048IV 20VK0048IW 20VK0048IX 20VK0048MB 20VK0048MD 20VK0048MH 20VK0048ML 20VK0048MN 20VK0048MS 20VK0048MX 20VK0048MZ 20VK0048PB 20VK0048PE 20VK0048PG 20VK0048RI 20VK0048RK 20VK0048RT 20VK0048SC 20VK0048SP 20VK0048TX 20VK0048UE 20VK0048UK 20VK0048YA 20VK0048ZA 20VK0049AD 20VK0049AT 20VK0049BM 20VK0049CK 20VK0049CX 20VK0049CY 20VK0049ED 20VK0049EE 20VK0049EQ 20VK0049FE 20VK0049FR 20VK0049GB 20VK0049GE 20VK0049GM 20VK0049HV 20VK0049IU 20VK0049IV 20VK0049IW 20VK0049IX 20VK0049MB 20VK0049MD 20VK0049MH 20VK0049ML 20VK0049MN 20VK0049MS 20VK0049MX 20VK0049MZ 20VK0049PB 20VK0049PE 20VK0049PG 20VK0049RI 20VK0049RK 20VK0049RT 20VK0049SC 20VK0049SP 20VK0049TX 20VK0049UE 20VK0049UK 20VK0049YA 20VK0049ZA 20VK004AAD 20VK004AAT 20VK004ABM 20VK004ACK 20VK004ACX 20VK004ACY 20VK004AED 20VK004AEE 20VK004AEQ 20VK004AFE 20VK004AFR 20VK004AGB 20VK004AGE 20VK004AGM 20VK004AHV 20VK004AIU 20VK004AIV 20VK004AIW 20VK004AIX 20VK004AMB 20VK004AMD 20VK004AMH 20VK004AML 20VK004AMN 20VK004AMS 20VK004AMX 20VK004AMZ 20VK004APB 20VK004APE 20VK004APG 20VK004ARI 20VK004ARK 20VK004ART 20VK004ASC 20VK004ASP 20VK004ATX 20VK004AUE 20VK004AUK 20VK004AYA 20VK004AZA 20VK004BFR 20VK004CTW 20VK004DKR 20VK004EKR 20VK004FAD 20VK004FAT 20VK004FBM 20VK004FCK 20VK004FCX 20VK004FCY 20VK004FED 20VK004FEE 20VK004FEQ 20VK004FFE 20VK004FFR 20VK004FGB 20VK004FGE 20VK004FGM 20VK004FHV 20VK004FIU 20VK004FIV 20VK004FIW 20VK004FIX 20VK004FMB 20VK004FMD 20VK004FMH 20VK004FML 20VK004FMN 20VK004FMS 20VK004FMX 20VK004FMZ 20VK004FPB 20VK004FPE 20VK004FPG 20VK004FRI 20VK004FRK 20VK004FRT 20VK004FSC 20VK004FSP 20VK004FTX 20VK004FUE 20VK004FUK 20VK004FYA 20VK004FZA 20VK004GHH 20VK004HAD 20VK004HAT 20VK004HBM 20VK004HCK 20VK004HCX 20VK004HCY 20VK004HED 20VK004HEE 20VK004HEQ 20VK004HFE 20VK004HFR 20VK004HGB 20VK004HGE 20VK004HGM 20VK004HHV 20VK004HIU 20VK004HIV 20VK004HIW 20VK004HIX 20VK004HMB 20VK004HMD 20VK004HMH 20VK004HML 20VK004HMN 20VK004HMS 20VK004HMX 20VK004HMZ 20VK004HPB 20VK004HPE 20VK004HPG 20VK004HRI 20VK004HRK 20VK004HSC 20VK004HSP 20VK004HUE 20VK004HUK 20VK004HZA 20VK004JAD 20VK004JAT 20VK004JBM 20VK004JCK 20VK004JCX 20VK004JCY 20VK004JED 20VK004JEE 20VK004JEQ 20VK004JFE 20VK004JFR 20VK004JGB 20VK004JGE 20VK004JGM 20VK004JHV 20VK004JIU 20VK004JIV 20VK004JIW 20VK004JIX 20VK004JMB 20VK004JMD 20VK004JMH 20VK004JML 20VK004JMN 20VK004JMS 20VK004JMX 20VK004JMZ 20VK004JPB 20VK004JPE 20VK004JPG 20VK004JRI 20VK004JRK 20VK004JSC 20VK004JSP 20VK004JUE 20VK004JUK 20VK004JZA 20VK004KJP 20VK004LJP 20VK004MAD 20VK004MAT 20VK004MBM 20VK004MCK 20VK004MCX 20VK004MCY 20VK004MED 20VK004MEE 20VK004MEQ 20VK004MFE 20VK004MFR 20VK004MGB 20VK004MGE 20VK004MGM 20VK004MHV 20VK004MIU 20VK004MIV 20VK004MIW 20VK004MIX 20VK004MMB 20VK004MMD 20VK004MMH 20VK004MML 20VK004MMN 20VK004MMS 20VK004MMX 20VK004MMZ 20VK004MPB 20VK004MPE 20VK004MPG 20VK004MRI 20VK004MRK 20VK004MRT 20VK004MSC 20VK004MSP 20VK004MTX 20VK004MUE 20VK004MUK 20VK004MYA 20VK004MZA 20VKS04T00 20VKS04U00 20VKS05X00