Laptop Stand For Lenovo ThinkPad T15 Gen 2-20W5

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


ThinkPad T15 Gen 2-20W5_ 20W50000UK 20W50001AD 20W50001AT 20W50001BM 20W50001CK 20W50001CX 20W50001CY 20W50001ED 20W50001EE 20W50001FR 20W50001GB 20W50001GE 20W50001GM 20W50001HV 20W50001IU 20W50001IV 20W50001IW 20W50001IX 20W50001MB 20W50001MD 20W50001MH 20W50001ML 20W50001MN 20W50001MS 20W50001MX 20W50001MZ 20W50001PB 20W50001PG 20W50001RA 20W50001RI 20W50001RK 20W50001RT 20W50001SC 20W50001SP 20W50001TX 20W50001UK 20W50001YA 20W50001ZA 20W50002AD 20W50002AT 20W50002BM 20W50002CK 20W50002CX 20W50002CY 20W50002ED 20W50002EE 20W50002FR 20W50002GB 20W50002GE 20W50002GM 20W50002HV 20W50002IU 20W50002IV 20W50002IW 20W50002IX 20W50002MB 20W50002MD 20W50002MH 20W50002ML 20W50002MN 20W50002MS 20W50002MX 20W50002MZ 20W50002PB 20W50002PG 20W50002RA 20W50002RI 20W50002RK 20W50002RT 20W50002SC 20W50002SP 20W50002TX 20W50002UK 20W50002YA 20W50002ZA 20W50003AD 20W50003AT 20W50003BM 20W50003CK 20W50003CX 20W50003CY 20W50003ED 20W50003EE 20W50003FR 20W50003GB 20W50003GE 20W50003GM 20W50003HV 20W50003IU 20W50003IV 20W50003IW 20W50003IX 20W50003MB 20W50003MD 20W50003MH 20W50003ML 20W50003MN 20W50003MS 20W50003MX 20W50003MZ 20W50003PB 20W50003PG 20W50003RA 20W50003RI 20W50003RK 20W50003RT 20W50003SC 20W50003SP 20W50003TX 20W50003UK 20W50003YA 20W50003ZA 20W50004AD 20W50004AT 20W50004BM 20W50004CK 20W50004CX 20W50004CY 20W50004ED 20W50004EE 20W50004FR 20W50004GB 20W50004GE 20W50004GM 20W50004HV 20W50004IU 20W50004IV 20W50004IW 20W50004IX 20W50004MB 20W50004MD 20W50004MH 20W50004ML 20W50004MN 20W50004MS 20W50004MX 20W50004MZ 20W50004PB 20W50004PG 20W50004RA 20W50004RI 20W50004RK 20W50004RT 20W50004SC 20W50004SP 20W50004TX 20W50004UK 20W50004YA 20W50004ZA 20W50005AD 20W50005AT 20W50005BM 20W50005CK 20W50005CX 20W50005CY 20W50005ED 20W50005EE 20W50005FR 20W50005GB 20W50005GE 20W50005GM 20W50005HV 20W50005IU 20W50005IV 20W50005IW 20W50005IX 20W50005MB 20W50005MD 20W50005MH 20W50005ML 20W50005MN 20W50005MS 20W50005MX 20W50005MZ 20W50005PB 20W50005PG 20W50005RA 20W50005RI 20W50005RK 20W50005RT 20W50005SC 20W50005SP 20W50005TX 20W50005UK 20W50005YA 20W50005ZA 20W50006AD 20W50006AT 20W50006BM 20W50006CK 20W50006CX 20W50006CY 20W50006ED 20W50006EE 20W50006FR 20W50006GB 20W50006GE 20W50006GM 20W50006HV 20W50006IU 20W50006IV 20W50006IW 20W50006IX 20W50006MB 20W50006MD 20W50006MH 20W50006ML 20W50006MN 20W50006MS 20W50006MX 20W50006MZ 20W50006PB 20W50006PG 20W50006RA 20W50006RI 20W50006RK 20W50006RT 20W50006SC 20W50006SP 20W50006TX 20W50006UK 20W50006YA 20W50006ZA 20W50007AU 20W50008AU 20W50009AU 20W5000AAU 20W5000BAU 20W5000CAU 20W5000DAU 20W5000EAU 20W5000FAU 20W5000GAU 20W5000HAU 20W5000JAU 20W5000KAU 20W5000LAU 20W5000MAU 20W5000NAU 20W5000PAU 20W5000QAU 20W5000RAU 20W5000SAU 20W5000TAU 20W5000UAU 20W5000VAU 20W5000WAU 20W5000XAU 20W5000YAU 20W50010AU 20W50011AU 20W50012AU 20W50013AU 20W50014AU 20W50015AU 20W50016AU 20W50017AU 20W50018AU 20W50019AU 20W5001AAU 20W5001BAU 20W5001CAU 20W5001DAU 20W5001EAU 20W5001FAU 20W5001GAU 20W5001HAU 20W5001JAU 20W5001KAU 20W5001LAU 20W5001MAU 20W5001NAU 20W5001PAU 20W5001QAU 20W5001RAU 20W5001SAU 20W5001TAU 20W5001UAU 20W5001VAU 20W5001WAU 20W5001XAU 20W5001YAU 20W50020AU 20W50021AU 20W50022AU 20W50023AU 20W50024AU 20W50025AU 20W50026AU 20W50027AU 20W50028AU 20W50029AU 20W5002AAU 20W5002BAU 20W5002CAU 20W5002DAU 20W5002EAU 20W5002FAU 20W5002GAU 20W5002HAU 20W5002JAU 20W5002KAU 20W5002LAU 20W5002MAU 20W5002NAU 20W5002PAU 20W5002QAU 20W5002RAU 20W5002SAU 20W5002TAU 20W5002UAU 20W5002VAU 20W5002WAU 20W5002XAU 20W5002YAU 20W50030AU 20W50031AU 20W50032AU 20W50033AU 20W50034AU 20W50035AU 20W50036AU 20W50037AU 20W50038AU 20W50039AU 20W5003AAU 20W5003BAU 20W5003CAU 20W5003DAU 20W5003EAU 20W5003FAU 20W5003GAU 20W5003HAU 20W5003JAU 20W5003KAU 20W5003LAU 20W5003MAU 20W5003NAU 20W5003PAU 20W5003QAU 20W5003RAU 20W5003SAU 20W5003TAD 20W5003TAT 20W5003TBM 20W5003TCK 20W5003TCX 20W5003TCY 20W5003TEE 20W5003TFR 20W5003TGB 20W5003TGE 20W5003TGM 20W5003THV 20W5003TIW 20W5003TIX 20W5003TMB 20W5003TMD 20W5003TMH 20W5003TML 20W5003TMN 20W5003TMS 20W5003TMX 20W5003TMZ 20W5003TPB 20W5003TPG 20W5003TRA 20W5003TRI 20W5003TSC 20W5003TSP 20W5003TTX 20W5003TUK 20W5003TYA 20W5003TZA 20W5003UAD 20W5003UAT 20W5003UBM 20W5003UCK 20W5003UCX 20W5003UCY 20W5003UEE 20W5003UFR 20W5003UGB 20W5003UGE 20W5003UGM 20W5003UHV 20W5003UIW 20W5003UIX 20W5003UMB 20W5003UMD 20W5003UMH 20W5003UML 20W5003UMN 20W5003UMS 20W5003UMX 20W5003UMZ 20W5003UPB 20W5003UPG 20W5003URA 20W5003URI 20W5003USC 20W5003USP 20W5003UTX 20W5003UUK 20W5003UYA 20W5003UZA 20W5003VAD 20W5003VAT 20W5003VBM 20W5003VCK 20W5003VCX 20W5003VCY 20W5003VEE 20W5003VFR 20W5003VGB 20W5003VGE 20W5003VGM 20W5003VHV 20W5003VIW 20W5003VIX 20W5003VMB 20W5003VMD 20W5003VMH 20W5003VML 20W5003VMN 20W5003VMS 20W5003VMX 20W5003VMZ 20W5003VPB 20W5003VPG 20W5003VRA 20W5003VRI 20W5003VSC 20W5003VSP 20W5003VTX 20W5003VYA 20W5003VZA 20W5003WAD 20W5003WAT 20W5003WBM 20W5003WCK 20W5003WCX 20W5003WCY 20W5003WEE 20W5003WFR 20W5003WGB 20W5003WGE 20W5003WGM 20W5003WHV 20W5003WIW 20W5003WIX 20W5003WMB 20W5003WMD 20W5003WMH 20W5003WML 20W5003WMN 20W5003WMS 20W5003WMX 20W5003WMZ 20W5003WPB 20W5003WPG 20W5003WRA 20W5003WRI 20W5003WSC 20W5003WSP 20W5003WTX 20W5003WUK 20W5003WYA 20W5003WZA 20W5003XAD 20W5003XAT 20W5003XBM 20W5003XCK 20W5003XCX 20W5003XCY 20W5003XEE 20W5003XFR 20W5003XGB 20W5003XGE 20W5003XGM 20W5003XHV 20W5003XIW 20W5003XIX 20W5003XMB 20W5003XMD 20W5003XMH 20W5003XML 20W5003XMN 20W5003XMS 20W5003XMX 20W5003XMZ 20W5003XPB 20W5003XPG 20W5003XRA 20W5003XRI 20W5003XSC 20W5003XSP 20W5003XTX 20W5003XUK 20W5003XYA 20W5003XZA 20W5003YAD 20W5003YAT 20W5003YBM 20W5003YCK 20W5003YCX 20W5003YCY 20W5003YEE 20W5003YFR 20W5003YGB 20W5003YGE 20W5003YGM 20W5003YHV 20W5003YIW 20W5003YIX 20W5003YMB 20W5003YMD 20W5003YMH 20W5003YML 20W5003YMN 20W5003YMS 20W5003YMX 20W5003YMZ 20W5003YPB 20W5003YPG 20W5003YRA 20W5003YRI 20W5003YSC 20W5003YSP 20W5003YTX 20W5003YUK 20W5003YYA 20W5003YZA 20W50040AU 20W50041AU 20W50042AU 20W50043AU 20W50044AU 20W50045AU 20W50046AU 20W50047AU 20W50048AU 20W50049AU 20W5004AAU 20W5004BAU 20W5004CAU 20W5004DAU 20W5004EAU 20W5004FAU 20W5004GAU 20W5004HAU 20W5004JAU 20W5004KAU 20W5004LAU 20W5004MAU 20W5004NAU 20W5004PAU 20W5004QAU 20W5004RAU 20W5004SAU 20W5004TAU 20W5004UAU 20W5004VAU 20W5004WAU 20W5004XAU 20W50054AU 20W5004YAU 20W50050AU 20W50051AU 20W50052AU 20W50053AU 20W50055AU 20W50056AU 20W50057AU 20W50058AU 20W50059AU 20W5005AAU 20W5005BAU 20W5005CAU 20W5005DAU 20W5005EAU 20W5005FAU 20W5005GAU 20W5005HAU 20W5005JAU 20W5005KAU 20W5005LAU 20W5005MAU 20W5005NAU 20W5005PAU 20W5005QAU 20W5005RAU 20W5005SAU 20W5005TAU 20W5005UAU 20W5005VAU 20W5005WAU 20W5005XAU 20W5S10800 20W5005YAU 20W50060AU 20W50061BR 20W50062BR 20W5S04Q00 20W5S07Y00 20W5S0NF00 20W5S0P300 20W5S0P400 20W5S1HK00 20W5S1HL00 20W5S1HM00 20W5S1HP00 20W5S1K400 20W5S1K800 20W5S24W00 20W5S2DE00 20W5S2DF00 20W5S2NS00 20W5S2NT00 20W5S2NU00