Laptop Stand For Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Gen 1 (Intel)-20T2

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


ThinkPad X13 Gen 1 (Intel)-20T2_ 20T2002MRA 20T2002NRA 20T2002PRA 20T2002QRA 20T2002RRA 20T2002SRA 20T2002TRA 20T2002URA 20T2002VRA 20T2002WRA 20T2002XRA 20T2002YRA 20T20030RA 20T20031RA 20T20032RA 20T20033RA 20T2003ERA 20T2003FRA 20T2003GRA 20T2003HRA 20T2003JRA 20T2003KRA 20T2003LRA 20T2003MRA 20T2003NRA 20T2003PRA 20T2003QRA 20T2003RRA 20T2003SRA 20T2003TRA 20T2005FRA 20T2005GRA 20T2005HRA 20T20061RA 20T2006KRA 20T2006LRA 20T2006MRA 20T2006NRA 20T2006PRA 20T2006QRA 20T20078RA 20T20079RA 20T2007ARA 20T2007PRA 20T2007QRA 20T2007RAD 20T2007RAT 20T2007RBM 20T2007RCK 20T2007RCX 20T2007RCY 20T2007RED 20T2007REE 20T2007REQ 20T2007RFE 20T2007RFR 20T2007RGB 20T2007RGE 20T2007RGM 20T2007RHV 20T2007RIU 20T2007RIV 20T2007RIW 20T2007RIX 20T2007RMB 20T2007RMD 20T2007RMH 20T2007RML 20T2007RMN 20T2007RMS 20T2007RMX 20T2007RMZ 20T2007RPB 20T2007RPE 20T2007RPG 20T2007RRA 20T2007RRI 20T2007RRK 20T2007RRT 20T2007RSC 20T2007RSP 20T2007RTX 20T2007RUE 20T2007RUK 20T2007RYA 20T2007RZA 20T2007SAD 20T2007SAT 20T2007SBM 20T2007SCK 20T2007SCX 20T2007SCY 20T2007SED 20T2007SEE 20T2007SFR 20T2007SGB 20T2007SGE 20T2007SGM 20T2007SHV 20T2007SIU 20T2007SIV 20T2007SIW 20T2007SIX 20T2007SMB 20T2007SMD 20T2007SMH 20T2007SML 20T2007SMN 20T2007SMS 20T2007SMX 20T2007SMZ 20T2007SPB 20T2007SPG 20T2007SRA 20T2007SRI 20T2007SRK 20T2007SRT 20T2007SSC 20T2007SSP 20T2007STX 20T2007SUK 20T2007SYA 20T2007SZA 20T2S1M100 20T2S1BE00 20T2S1BU00 20T2S1E300 20T2S1M300 20T2S1NR00 20T2S1NS00