Laptop Stand For Lenovo V14 G2 ITL-82KA

£ 25.00

  • Great for traveling and folds up easily
  • Strong and well made
  • Great-looking and minimalist stand reduces your shoulder pain
  • Great for working from home
  • Solid, sturdy and adjustable
  • Lightweight


Lenovo V14 G2 ITL-82KA_ 82KA0001TA 82KA0002AK 82KA0002AX 82KA0002ED 82KA0002FE 82KA0002FG 82KA0002PE 82KA0002PK 82KA0002PS 82KA0002SA 82KA0002UE 82KA0005AK 82KA0005AX 82KA0005ED 82KA0005FE 82KA0005FG 82KA0005PE 82KA0005PK 82KA0005PS 82KA0005SA 82KA0005UE 82KA000CAK 82KA000CAX 82KA000CED 82KA000CFE 82KA000CFG 82KA000CPE 82KA000CPK 82KA000CPS 82KA000CSA 82KA000CUE 82KA000HAK 82KA000HAX 82KA000HED 82KA000HFE 82KA000HFG 82KA000HPE 82KA000HPK 82KA000HPS 82KA000HSA 82KA000HUE 82KA000JAK 82KA000JAX 82KA000JED 82KA000JFE 82KA000JFG 82KA000JPE 82KA000JPK 82KA000JPS 82KA000JSA 82KA000JUE 82KA000KAK 82KA000KAX 82KA000KED 82KA000KFE 82KA000KFG 82KA000KPE 82KA000KPK 82KA000KPS 82KA000KSA 82KA000KUE 82KA000MAK 82KA000MAX 82KA000MED 82KA000MFE 82KA000MFG 82KA000MPE 82KA000MPK 82KA000MPS 82KA000MSA 82KA000MUE 82KA000NAK 82KA000NAX 82KA000NED 82KA000NFE 82KA000NFG 82KA000NPE 82KA000NPK 82KA000NPS 82KA000NSA 82KA000NUE 82KA000PAK 82KA000PAX 82KA000PED 82KA000PFE 82KA000PFG 82KA000PPE 82KA000PPK 82KA000PPS 82KA000PSA 82KA000PUE 82KA000RAK 82KA000RAX 82KA000RED 82KA000RFE 82KA000RFG 82KA000RPE 82KA000RPK 82KA000RPS 82KA000RSA 82KA000RUE 82KA000SAK 82KA000SAX 82KA000SED 82KA000SFE 82KA000SFG 82KA000SPE 82KA000SPK 82KA000SPS 82KA000SSA 82KA000SUE 82KA000UAK 82KA000UAX 82KA000UED 82KA000UFE 82KA000UFG 82KA000UPE 82KA000UPK 82KA000UPS 82KA000USA 82KA000UUE 82KA0010AK 82KA0010AX 82KA0010ED 82KA0010FE 82KA0010FG 82KA0010PE 82KA0010PK 82KA0010PS 82KA0010SA 82KA0010UE 82KA0011AK 82KA0011AX 82KA0011ED 82KA0011FE 82KA0011FG 82KA0011PE 82KA0011PK 82KA0011PS 82KA0011SA 82KA0011UE 82KA0013AK 82KA0013AX 82KA0013ED 82KA0013FE 82KA0013FG 82KA0013PE 82KA0013PK 82KA0013PS 82KA0013SA 82KA0013UE 82KA0016AK 82KA0016AX 82KA0016ED 82KA0016FE 82KA0016FG 82KA0016PE 82KA0016PK 82KA0016PS 82KA0016SA 82KA0016UE 82KA001AAK 82KA001AAX 82KA001AED 82KA001AFE 82KA001AFG 82KA001APE 82KA001APK 82KA001APS 82KA001ASA 82KA001AUE 82KA001LAD 82KA001TAD 82KA001UAD 82KA001VAD 82KA001WAD 82KA001XAD 82KA001YAD 82KA0020AD 82KA0021AD 82KA0022AD 82KA0023AD 82KA0024AD 82KA0025AD 82KA0026AD 82KA0027AD 82KA0028KR 82KA0029KR 82KA002BKR 82KA002CKR 82KA002DKR 82KA002EKR 82KA002GPH 82KA002HPH 82KA002QCL 82KA0036RU 82KA003CAX 82KA003GPH 82KA003HPH 82KA003JRU 82KA0041IH 82KA0042IH 82KA0043IH 82KA0044IH 82KA0045IH 82KA0046IH 82KA0047IH 82KA0048IH 82KA0049IH 82KA004AIH 82KA004BIH 82KA004CIH 82KA004DAK 82KA004DAX 82KA004DED 82KA004DFE 82KA004DFG 82KA004DPE 82KA004DPK 82KA004DPS 82KA004DSA 82KA004DUE 82KA004KTA 82KA004LTA 82KA004MTA 82KA004NTA 82KA004PTA 82KA004QTA 82KA004RTA 82KA004STA 82KA004TTA 82KA004VIH 82KA004WIH 82KA004XIH 82KA004YIH 82KA0050IH 82KA0051MJ 82KA0052MJ 82KA0053MJ 82KA0054MJ 82KA0055ID 82KA0056ID 82KA0057ID 82KA0058ID 82KA0059ID 82KA005AID 82KA005BID 82KA005CID 82KA005DID 82KA005EID 82KA005FID 82KA005GID 82KA005HID 82KA005VID 82KA005WID 82KA006PID 82KA006QID 82KA006RBR 82KA006XAD 82KA006YAD 82KA0070PH 82KA0071AD 82KA0072KR 82KA0073KR 82KA0075ID 82KA0076ID 82KA0077TA 82KA0078TA 82KA0079VN 82KA007AVN 82KA007BVN 82KA007CVN 82KA007DVN 82KA007EVN 82KA007FVN 82KA007GVN 82KA007HVN 82KA007JVN 82KA007KVN 82KA007LVN 82KA007MVN 82KA007NVN 82KA007PVN 82KA007QIH 82KA007RIH 82KA007SIH 82KA007TIH 82KA007UIH 82KA007VIH 82KA007WIH 82KA007XIH 82KA007YIH 82KA0080IH 82KA0081IH 82KA0082IH 82KA0084MJ 82KA0085MJ 82KA0086VN 82KA008BID 82KA008CID 82KA008DID 82KA008EVN 82KA008GAK 82KA008GAX 82KA008GED 82KA008GFE 82KA008GFG 82KA008GPE 82KA008GPK 82KA008GPS 82KA008GSA 82KA008GUE 82KA008KAK 82KA008KAX 82KA008KED 82KA008KFE 82KA008KFG 82KA008KPE 82KA008KPK 82KA008KPS 82KA008KSA 82KA008KUE 82KA008LAK 82KA008LAX 82KA008LED 82KA008LFE 82KA008LFG 82KA008LPE 82KA008LPK 82KA008LPS 82KA008LSA 82KA008LUE 82KA008NAK 82KA008NAX 82KA008NED 82KA008NFE 82KA008NFG 82KA008NPE 82KA008NPK 82KA008NPS 82KA008NSA 82KA008NUE 82KA008QHH 82KA008RHH 82KA008SHH 82KA008TAU 82KA008UAU 82KA008VAU 82KA008WAU 82KA008XAU 82KA008YAU 82KA0090AU 82KA0091ID 82KA0092ID 82KA0093PH 82KA0094VN 82KA0095VN 82KA0096VN 82KA0097VN 82KA0098VN 82KA0099VN 82KA009AVN 82KA009BVN 82KA009CIN 82KA009DIN 82KA009EMJ 82KA009FID 82KA009GIH 82KA009HIH 82KA009JIH 82KA009KIH 82KA009LIH 82KA009MIH 82KA009NIH 82KA009PIH 82KA009QIH 82KA009SID 82KA009TIN 82KA009UIN 82KA009VMJ 82KA009WMJ 82KA009XMJ 82KA009YIN 82KA00A0IH 82KA00A1IH 82KA00A2IH 82KA00A3IH 82KA00A4IN 82KA00A5IN 82KA00A6IN 82KA00A7IN 82KA00A8IN 82KA00A9IN 82KA00AAIN 82KA00ABAX 82KA00ACAX 82KA00ADTA 82KA00AEPH 82KA00AFPH 82KA00AGIH 82KA00AHGJ 82KA00AJGJ 82KA00AKGJ 82KA00ALKR 82KA00AMTA 82KA00ANVN 82KA00APMJ 82KA00AQMJ 82KA00ARMJ 82KA00ASMJ 82KA00ATMJ 82KA00AUMJ 82KA00AVMJ 82KA00AWIN 82KA00AXPH 82KA00AYID 82KA00B0IH 82KA00B1IN 82KA00B2FT 82KA00B3FT 82KA00B4ID 82KA00B5ID 82KA00B6ID 82KA00B7ID 82KA00B8ID 82KA00B9ID 82KA00BAID 82KA00BBID 82KA00BCID 82KA00BDID 82KA00BEMJ 82KA00BFTA 82KA00BGMJ 82KA00BHMJ 82KA00BJMJ 82KA00BKID 82KA00BLID 82KA00BMKR 82KA00BNTA 82KA00BPID 82KA00BQIN 82KA00BRIN 82KA00BSPH 82KA00BTPH 82KA00BUCL 82KA00BVCL 82KA00BWCL 82KA00BXCL 82KA00BYCL 82KA00C0CL 82KA00C1LM 82KA00C2LM 82KA00C3ID 82KA00C4ID 82KA00C5IN 82KA00C6LM 82KA00C7LM 82KA00C8LM 82KA00C9LM 82KA00CAIN 82KA00CBIN 82KA00CCIN 82KA00CDIH 82KA00CEID 82KA00CFID 82KA00CGIH 82KA00CHIH 82KA00CJIH 82KA00CKIH 82KA00CLIH 82KA00CMIH 82KA00CNIN 82KA00CPIN 82KA00CQAK 82KA00CQAT 82KA00CQAX 82KA00CQDS 82KA00CQDT 82KA00CQDU 82KA00CQED 82KA00CQFE 82KA00CQFG 82KA00CQFR 82KA00CQGE 82KA00CQIU 82KA00CQIV 82KA00CQIW 82KA00CQIX 82KA00CQKG 82KA00CQLT 82KA00CQMB 82KA00CQMH 82KA00CQML 82KA00CQMX 82KA00CQMZ 82KA00CQPE 82KA00CQPG 82KA00CQPK 82KA00CQPS 82KA00CQRA 82KA00CQRU 82KA00CQSA 82KA00CQSP 82KA00CQUA 82KA00CQUE 82KA00CQUK 82KA00CRLM 82KA00CSLM 82KA00CTIN 82KA00CUIN 82KA00CVID 82KA00CWIH 82KA00CXMJ 82KA00CYIH 82KA00D0MJ 82KA00D1ID 82KA00D2TA 82KA00D3IH 82KA00D4IH 82KA00D5IH 82KA00D6IH 82KA00D7IH 82KA00D8IH 82KA00D9IH 82KA00DAIH 82KA00DBIH 82KA00DCIH 82KA00DDID 82KA00DEMJ 82KA00DHLM 82KA00DJLM 82KA00DKLM 82KA00DLLM 82KA00DMLM 82KA00DRMJ 82KA00DSMJ 82KA00DTID 82KA00DUIN 82KA00DVIN 82KA00DWIN 82KA00DXIH 82KA00DYIN 82KA00E0IN 82KA00E1TA 82KA00E2ID 82KA00E3ID 82KA00E4ID 82KA00E5IH 82KA00E6IN 82KA00E7IN 82KA00EAVN 82KA00EBIN 82KA00ECAD 82KA00ECBM 82KA00ECCK 82KA00ECCY 82KA00ECGM 82KA00ECHV 82KA00ECPB 82KA00ECRM 82KA00ECSC 82KA00ECTX 82KA00ECYA 82KA00EDFT 82KA00EEID 82KA00EFKR 82KA00EGTA 82KA00EHIH 82KA00EJMJ 82KA00EKVN 82KA00ELKR 82KA00EMIN 82KA00ENIH 82KA00EPIH 82KA00EQID 82KA00ERID 82KA00ESIH 82KA00ETIH 82KA00EUIH 82KA00EVIH 82KA00EWIH 82KA00EXIH 82KA00EYIH 82KA00F0IH 82KA00F1IH 82KA00F2IH 82KA00F3IH 82KA00F4IH 82KA00F5IH 82KA00F6IH 82KA00F7IN 82KA00F8IH 82KA00F9IN 82KA00FAIH 82KA00FBIH 82KA00FCMJ 82KA00FDMJ 82KA00FEMJ 82KA00FFMJ 82KA00FGIH 82KA00FHIN 82KA00FJIN 82KA00FKIN 82KA00FLIH 82KA00FMIH 82KA00FNIH 82KA00FPIH 82KA00FQIH 82KA00FRIH 82KA00FSIH 82KA00FTIH 82KA00FUIH 82KA00FVIH 82KA00FWIH 82KA00FXIH 82KA00FYIH 82KA00G0IH 82KA00G1IH 82KA00G2IH 82KA00G3IH 82KA00G4IH 82KA00G5IH 82KA00G6IH 82KA00G7IH 82KA00G8IH 82KA00G9IH 82KA00GAIH 82KA00GBIH 82KA00GCIH 82KA00GDIH 82KA00GEIH 82KA00GFIH 82KA00GGIH 82KA00GHIH 82KA00GJIH 82KA00GKIH 82KA00GLIH 82KA00GMIH 82KA00GNIN 82KA00GQID 82KA00GRID 82KA00GSIH 82KA00GTIH 82KA00GUIH 82KA00GVIH 82KA00GWID 82KA00GXIN 82KA00GYIN 82KA00H0IN 82KA00H1IN 82KA00H2IH 82KA00H3IN 82KA00H4IN 82KA00H5IN 82KA00H6IN 82KA00H7ID 82KA00H8PH 82KA00H9PH 82KA00HAPH 82KA00HBPH 82KA00HCPH 82KA00HDID 82KA00HEID 82KA00HFID 82KA00HGID 82KA00HHID 82KA00HJIN 82KA00HKIN 82KA00HLID 82KA00HMID 82KA00HNID 82KA00HPID 82KA00HQID 82KA00HRID 82KA00HSID 82KA00HTID 82KA00HUID 82KA00HVIH 82KA00HWIH 82KA00HXIH 82KA00HYIH 82KA00J0IH 82KA00J1IH 82KA00J2IH 82KA00J3IH 82KA00J4IH 82KA00J5IH 82KA00J6IH 82KA00J7ID 82KA00J8ID 82KA00J9ID 82KA00JCID 82KA00JDID 82KA00JEID 82KA00JFID 82KA00JGIH 82KA00JHIH 82KA00JJIN 82KA00JLIN 82KA00JMIN 82KA00JNIN 82KA00JPID 82KA00JQID 82KA00JRID 82KA00JSID 82KA00JTID 82KA00JUID 82KA00JVVN 82KA00JWAK 82KA00JWAX 82KA00JWED 82KA00JWFE 82KA00JWFG 82KA00JWPE 82KA00JWPK 82KA00JWPS 82KA00JWSA 82KA00JWUE 82KA00JXAK 82KA00JXAX 82KA00JXED 82KA00JXFE 82KA00JXFG 82KA00JXPE 82KA00JXPK 82KA00JXPS 82KA00JXSA 82KA00JXUE 82KA00JYAK 82KA00JYAX 82KA00JYED 82KA00JYFE 82KA00JYFG 82KA00JYPE 82KA00JYPK 82KA00JYPS 82KA00JYSA 82KA00JYUE 82KA00K1IN 82KA00K2ID 82KA00K3ID 82KA00K4ID 82KA00K5ID 82KA00K6ID 82KA00K7ID 82KA00K8ID 82KA00K9ID 82KA00KAID 82KA00KBID 82KA00KCID 82KA00KDID 82KA00KEID 82KA00KFID 82KA00KGID 82KA00KHID 82KA00KJIN 82KA00KKID 82KA00KLID 82KA00KMMJ 82KA00KNUS 82KA00KPCA 82KA00KQIN 82KA00KRIN 82KA00KSID 82KA00KTID 82KA00KVID 82KA00KWIH 82KA00KXIN 82KA00KYIN 82KA00L0IH 82KA00L1IH 82KA00L2IH 82KA00L3IH 82KA00L4IH 82KA00L5IH 82KA00L6IH 82KA00L7ID 82KA00L8ID 82KA00L9ID 82KA00LAID 82KA00LBID 82KA00LCID 82KA00LDID 82KA00LEIH 82KA00LFIN 82KA00LGIH 82KA00LHIH 82KA00LJIH 82KA00LKIH 82KA00LLIH 82KA00LMIH 82KA00LNPH 82KA00LPPH 82KA00LQPH 82KA00LRPH 82KA00LSPH 82KA00LTIH 82KA00LUIH 82KA00LVIH 82KA00LWIH 82KA00LXIH 82KA00LYIH 82KA00M0IH 82KA00M1IH 82KA00M2IH 82KA00M3IH 82KA00M4IH 82KA00M5IH 82KA00M6IN 82KA00M7IN 82KA00M8IH 82KA00M9IH 82KA00MAIH 82KA00MBIH 82KA00MCIH 82KA00MDIH 82KA00MEIH 82KA00MFIH 82KA00MGIH 82KA00MHIH 82KA00MJIH 82KA00MKIH 82KA00MLPH 82KA00MMPH 82KA00MNPH 82KA00MPIH 82KA00MQIN 82KA00MRIN 82KA00MSPH 82KA00MTPH 82KA00MUPH 82KA00MVPH 82KA00MWID 82KA00N0IH 82KA00N1IN 82KA00N2IN 82KA00N3IH 82KA00N4MJ 82KA00N5MJ 82KA00N6IN 82KA00NCID 82KA00NDIH 82KA00NEID 82KA00NKIN 82KA00NLVN 82KA00NMIN 82KA00NNIN 82KA00NPIN 82KA00NQID 82KA00NRID 82KA00NSIN 82KA00NTIN 82KA00NUIN 82KA00NVIH 82KA00NWIN 82KA00P7IH 82KA00P8IH 82KA00P9ID 82KA00PAID 82KA00PBID 82KA00PCID 82KA00PDIH 82KA00PEAX 82KA00PFAX 82KA00PGIN 82KA00PHIN 82KA00PJIN 82KA00PKIN 82KA00PLIN 82KA00PMPH 82KA00PNIH 82KA00PPIH 82KA00PQIN 82KA00PRIH 82KA00PSIH 82KA00PWIH 82KA00PXIH 82KA00Q1IH 82KA00Q5IH 82KA00QAIH 82KA00QBTA 82KA00QCTA 82KA00QHIN 82KA00QJIH 82KA00QKIH 82KA00QLID 82KA00QMID 82KA00QNIH 82KA00QPIH 82KA00QQIH 82KA00QRIH 82KA00QSIH 82KA00QTIH 82KA00QUIN 82KA00QVIH 82KA00QWIH 82KA00QXIH 82KA00QYIH 82KA00R0TA 82KA00R1ID 82KA00R2ID 82KA00R3IH 82KA00R4IH 82KA00R5IN 82KA00RBIN 82KA00RHIH 82KA00RJIN 82KA00RKIH 82KA00RLVN 82KA00RMVN 82KA00RNVN 82KA00RPVN 82KA00RQIN 82KA00RRVN 82KA00RSVN 82KA00RTVN 82KA00RYVN 82KA00S5VN 82KA00S6VN 82KA00S8IH 82KA00SBID 82KA00SEAK 82KA00SEAX 82KA00SEED 82KA00SEFE 82KA00SEFG 82KA00SEPE 82KA00SEPK 82KA00SEPS 82KA00SESA 82KA00SEUE 82KA00SFID 82KA00SJIN 82KA00SKAK 82KA00SKAX 82KA00SKED 82KA00SKFE 82KA00SKFG 82KA00SKPE 82KA00SKPK 82KA00SKPS 82KA00SKSA 82KA00SKUE 82KA00SLAK 82KA00SLAX 82KA00SLED 82KA00SLFE 82KA00SLFG 82KA00SLPE 82KA00SLPK 82KA00SLPS 82KA00SLSA 82KA00SLUE 82KA00SNAK 82KA00SNAX 82KA00SNED 82KA00SNFE 82KA00SNFG 82KA00SNPE 82KA00SNPK 82KA00SNPS 82KA00SNSA 82KA00SNUE 82KA00SPAK 82KA00SPAX 82KA00SPED 82KA00SPFE 82KA00SPFG 82KA00SPPE 82KA00SPPK 82KA00SPPS 82KA00SPSA 82KA00SPUE 82KA00SQAK 82KA00SQAX 82KA00SQED 82KA00SQFE 82KA00SQFG 82KA00SQPE 82KA00SQPK 82KA00SQPS 82KA00SQSA 82KA00SQUE 82KA00SRAK 82KA00SRAX 82KA00SRED 82KA00SRFE 82KA00SRFG 82KA00SRPE 82KA00SRPK 82KA00SRPS 82KA00SRSA 82KA00SRUE 82KA00SSAK 82KA00SSAX 82KA00SSED 82KA00SSFE 82KA00SSFG 82KA00SSPE 82KA00SSPK 82KA00SSPS 82KA00SSSA 82KA00SSUE 82KA00SUAK 82KA00SUAX 82KA00SUED 82KA00SUFE 82KA00SUFG 82KA00SUPE 82KA00SUPK 82KA00SUPS 82KA00SUSA 82KA00SUUE 82KA00SXAK 82KA00SXAX 82KA00SXED 82KA00SXFE 82KA00SXFG 82KA00SXPE 82KA00SXPK 82KA00SXPS 82KA00SXSA 82KA00SXUE 82KA00SYAK 82KA00SYAX 82KA00SYED 82KA00SYFE 82KA00SYFG 82KA00SYPE 82KA00SYPK 82KA00SYPS 82KA00SYSA 82KA00SYUE 82KA00T0AK 82KA00T0AX 82KA00T0ED 82KA00T0FE 82KA00T0FG 82KA00T0PE 82KA00T0PK 82KA00T0PS 82KA00T0SA 82KA00T0UE 82KA00T1AK 82KA00T1AX 82KA00T1ED 82KA00T1FE 82KA00T1FG 82KA00T1PE 82KA00T1PK 82KA00T1PS 82KA00T1SA 82KA00T1UE 82KA00T2AK 82KA00T2AX 82KA00T2ED 82KA00T2FE 82KA00T2FG 82KA00T2PE 82KA00T2PK 82KA00T2PS 82KA00T2SA 82KA00T2UE 82KA00T4AK 82KA00T4AX 82KA00T4ED 82KA00T4FE 82KA00T4FG 82KA00T4PE 82KA00T4PK 82KA00T4PS 82KA00T4SA 82KA00T4UE 82KA00T5AK 82KA00T5AX 82KA00T5ED 82KA00T5FE 82KA00T5FG 82KA00T5PE 82KA00T5PK 82KA00T5PS 82KA00T5SA 82KA00T5UE 82KA00T6AK 82KA00T6AX 82KA00T6ED 82KA00T6FE 82KA00T6FG 82KA00T6PE 82KA00T6PK 82KA00T6PS 82KA00T6SA 82KA00T6UE 82KA00T9AK 82KA00T9AX 82KA00T9ED 82KA00T9FE 82KA00T9FG 82KA00T9PE 82KA00T9PK 82KA00T9PS 82KA00T9SA 82KA00T9UE 82KA00TBAK 82KA00TBAX 82KA00TBED 82KA00TBFE 82KA00TBFG 82KA00TBPE 82KA00TBPK 82KA00TBPS 82KA00TBSA 82KA00TBUE 82KA00TCAK 82KA00TCAX 82KA00TCED 82KA00TCFE 82KA00TCFG 82KA00TCPE 82KA00TCPK 82KA00TCPS 82KA00TCSA 82KA00TCUE 82KA00TDAK 82KA00TDAX 82KA00TDED 82KA00TDFE 82KA00TDFG 82KA00TDPE 82KA00TDPK 82KA00TDPS 82KA00TDSA 82KA00TDUE 82KA00TEAK 82KA00TEAX 82KA00TEED 82KA00TEFE 82KA00TEFG 82KA00TEPE 82KA00TEPK 82KA00TEPS 82KA00TESA 82KA00TEUE 82KA00TFAK 82KA00TFAX 82KA00TFED 82KA00TFFE 82KA00TFFG 82KA00TFPE 82KA00TFPK 82KA00TFPS 82KA00TFSA 82KA00TFUE 82KA00TGIN 82KA00THIH 82KA00TJIH 82KA00TKIH 82KA00U1IH 82KA00U2IH 82KA00U3IN 82KA00U4IN 82KA00U6PH 82KA00U8IN 82KA00U9IH 82KA00UAIH 82KA00UBIH 82KA00UCIH 82KA00UDIH 82KA00UTIN 82KAA001IH 82KAA002IH