Genuine 65W Charger AC Adapter for ASUS EXA0703YH PA-1700-02 X54C X55L X401A X501A X502C X554L X555L A53S A55A U46E U47A U50F U52F U56E U57A Portable

£ 28.00

Input: AC 100-240V,50-60Hz Global; Output: DC 19V 3.42A;DC Connecter size:5.5 X 2.5mm

Power Supply For:

Asus: A53Z A55VD A56C A56CA A56CM A450C

Asus: D450 D450C D450CA D550 D550CA D550MA D550MAV

Asus: F504AU F504EM F550ZE F550DP F550D F550CA F550L F551M F551MAV F553 F553M F553MA F556 F556U
F556UA F450C F450V F502CA F550C F550CC F551F551C F551CA F551MA F554 F554L F554LA

Asus: K52JT K52N K53TK K53U K55 K55DR K55VD k56ca K75 K75DE K75VJ K501L K501LX K501UW K550 K550C
K550CA K550LA K551 K551L K551LN

Asus: N56D N56DP N61J N61JQ P50IJ

Asus: Q301 Q301LA Q400 Q400A Q500 Q501 Q501LA Q551 Q551L Q551LB Q551LN Q552

Asus: R500A R500N R503A R503C R503U R505C R510 R510CA R510D R510DP R510L R510LA R554 R554LA R556 R556LA R700VJ

Asus: S46 S46CA S46CB S46CM S50 S50CA S50CB S50CM S56CA S56CM S300 S300CA S301 S301L S301LA S400
S500 S500CA S501 S501A S501U S505CA S550 S550CA S505CB S505CM S551

Asus: TP500 TP500LA TP550L TP550LA

Asus: U47 U47VC U50A U81A UL30A

Asus: V300 V300CA V400 V400CA V450C V500 V500CA V550 V550CA V550CB V550CM V551 V551LA V551LB

Asus: W40C W408L W419L W518L W519L

Asus: X44L X53K X53T X53U X54H X54L X55A X55C X55D X55U X75V X401 X401U X450 X450CA X450CC X450L
X450LA X450LAV X450LB X450LC X450LD X450LN X450LNV X450VC X551M X551MA X455 X455LA X455LD
X455LF X455LJ X455LN X501 X502 X502CA X550 X550CA X550CC X550D X550DP X550VC X550L X550J
X550JX X550JK X550LA X550LB X550LN X550LNV X550V X550VB X550VC X550Z X550ZA X552 X552C X552E
X552EA X552LA X552LAV X552WA X554LA X555 X555C X555CA X555D X555DA X555LA X555LB X555LN X555U
X555UA X555UB X555Y X555YA

Asus: Y481C Wireless-AC190

Asus: vivobook s400ca s500ca s550c Pro 17

ADP-65WH BB exa1203yh PA-1650-01 PA-1650-66 PA-1650-78 PA-1650-93 N65W-03

EAN: 6927905400145 SKU: Asus-65W-19V-3.42A-FANG-5.5-2.5mm Categories: ,


Item Details:

Please check voltage and connector size before you buy
1 year warranty and 30 days money return warranty
Package Includes: 1 x AC Adapter 1 x extended Power Cord

Protections :
1)over voltage protection: 120%min
2)over current protection: 120%min
3)over load protection hiccp mode,auto-recovery
4)Short-circuit protection: automatic recovery
5)Load regulation: ±5%
6)low DC ripple, safe, reliable and stable




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