Genuine Microsoft Surface 44W Charger Model 1800 – For Surface Pro 3 4 5 6 7 X, Book, Laptop, Go

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We know your concerns about the Surface Power Supply.

Actually we have talked with lots of our customers. We know the issue of your original power supply. The same thing will happen in the near future(Due to the design of this product), if you buy this one here from us. So what to do?

Our suggestion is to Buy 2.

With 2 Power Supplies, you can have 1 in your office and 1 for home use. No need to carry the Power Supply around. This will help save the Power Supplies. They will last much longer. If your budget is tight, it’s OK to buy 1 only. Please pay more attention to this new one: LESS carrying around, LESS twisting or pinching , LESS pulling on the cord, LOOSE cord wrapping .

All the models for Surface chargers are covered on our website. If you need help to find the correct charger for your Surface,please click here for the complete guide.

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You will always be able to find the correct charger for your Surface here, as all the Surface Charger models are covered.
Surface ModelOriginal Charger Model WattCharger Recommended
Surface RT153648W48W Charger
Surface 2153648W48W Charger
Surface 3162313W13W Charger
Surface Go173524W44W Charger
Surface Go 2173524W44W Charger
Surface Go 2 with LTE Advanced173524W44W Charger
Surface Go with LTE Advanced173524W44W Charger
Surface Pro (1st Gen)153648W48W Charger
Surface Pro 2153648W48W Charger
Surface Pro 3162536W36W Charger
Surface Pro 4162536W36W Charger
Surface Pro 4 Core M SKU173524W44W Charger
Surface Pro (5th Gen)180044W44W Charger
Surface Pro (5th Gen) M3 SKU173524W44W Charger
Surface Pro (5th Gen) with LTE Advanced180044W44W Charger
Surface Pro 6180044W44W Charger
Surface Pro 7170665W65W Charger
Surface Pro X170665W65W Charger
Surface Book (1st Gen with Nvidia GPU)170665W65W Charger
Surface Book (1st Gen without Nvidia GPU)162536W36W Charger
Surface Book (1st Gen with Performance Base)1798102W102W Charger
Surface Book 2 13 inch (with Nvidia GPU)1798102W102W Charger
Surface Book 2 13 inch (without Nvidia GPU)180044W44W Charger
Surface Book 2 15 inch1798102W102W Charger
Surface Book 3 13.5" (with Nvidia discrete GPU)1798102W102W Charger
Surface Book 3 13.5" (without Nvidia discrete GPU)170665W65W Charger
Surface Book 3 15"1932127W102W Charger
Surface Laptop (1st Gen)180044W44W Charger
Surface Laptop 2180044W44W Charger
Surface Laptop 3170665W65W Charger
Surface Laptop Go196339W44W Charger

3-Pin UK AC Plug included

Works great with:

Surface Pro 3,Surface Pro 4,Surface Pro (5th Gen),Surface Pro 6,Surface Pro 7,Surface Pro X

Surface Book,Surface Book 2,Surface Book 3

Surface Laptop,Surface Laptop 2,Surface Laptop 3

Surface Go,Surface Go 2

Not for Surface RT, Surface Pro 1, Surface Pro 2 (Click Here for the right one)

MPN# LAG-00002

A1800 SU3-00001 CR5-00001 CR5-00001
CQ9-00001 SU4-00001 TH2-00001
TH4-00001 FML-00001 CR500001
R9Q-00001 TU5-00001 SU3-00001
CR5-00001 CR5-00001 CQ9-00001
SU4-00001 TH2-00001 TH4-00001
FML-00001 CR500001 R9Q-00001
TU5-00001 DAL-00001 D9P-00001
DAG-00001 DAJ-00001




Microsoft Surface

13 reviews for Genuine Microsoft Surface 44W Charger Model 1800 – For Surface Pro 3 4 5 6 7 X, Book, Laptop, Go


    Work with my Surface Laptop very well, I love this purchase.

  2. Stephen Lane

    Been using this for a few months now, daily carry from the university and back, I’ve had no issues my laptop battery is still working like new and the cable shows no issue. I was very worried but this is everything I hoped.


    Thank you so much! My charger is broken and I don’t think I’ll ever find a good enough replacement until I find this! It’s very good and has a cable long enough that I can feel comfortable when I use my surface. It doesn’t have any problems with charging.

  4. jonathan bassettjones

    This charged my surface really well after my old charger broke, and I’ve never had any issues with it. Great buy for the price.

  5. Victor Mancusi

    My sister has the cutest evil little pomeranian.
    I love him dearly but he chewed through my laptop charger when they were visiting. Needless to say, I needed a new one. This comes well packaged. it charges my surface pro. It charges whichever way I plug it in and it has the indicator light on it so I know it’s working. I’m just glad it didn’t cost a crazy amount and works well.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Victor Mancusi
  6. Catherine Peat

    Super fast delivery. Great product for great price.

  7. drew purdy

    works grat with my surface pro 4, i have used the charger now for 2 weeks and it works fine.

  8. Ian Griffiths (store manager)

    Very pleased with this charger for my 2018 Surface laptop

  9. Andrew Dart (store manager)

    delivered quickly and very satified with this product

  10. janet Watson (store manager)

    The original cord on my Surface Pro 4 stopped working, and this one was an exact replacement. Would recommend.

  11. Peter Muff (store manager)

    Solid SP6 charger at a great price

  12. Mary Harris (store manager)

    I liked knowing the product had been certified by Microsoft and that it would not damage the £2,000 device it was being used to charge. It’s more than other options but the peace of mind is worth it.

  13. Brian Hutcheson (store manager)

    Very good quality charger. Looks idential (same shape/size/colour/feel) as the original MS one

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes. It works with both Surface Go and Surface Go 2, to replace the original 24W wall charger.

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